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Diamond bracelets are women's favorite jewelry. They delicately dress the wrists and adapt to all clothing styles. There are a multitude of bracelet models: of diamond rivers round, simple bangles, cuffs, pearls.

This is the perfect gift for your daughter on her wedding. It will accompany her outfit. It is also a good choice for your wife on her birthday.

Or even for your mother on her birthday. It is the precious accessory that will mark all the important moments of life. All women know how to appreciate this piece of jewelry because it can be worn on all occasions without problem.


This accessory for women offers many possibilities because it exists in many materials. The silver bracelets or steel are some of the most affordable pieces of jewelry.

Many women are succumbing to the trend for leather or fabric bracelets. These give a rock or bohemian style which is definitely this year's fashion trend.

These kinds of models offer endless color possibilities, which is an advantage when you want to match your bracelet to your look of the day.

Why not choose a bracelet with a single stone? There Pierre is beautifully attached to an 18k gold chain. The chain can be yellow, pink or white in color depending on your preference.

This type of feminine bracelet is more expensive, because it is made of precious materials with a stone such as a diamond or sapphire set on it. This model is a classic in luxury jewelry, ideal for weddings and other special occasions.

At DC Gemmes, the mesh chain measures approximately 15cm but can be adjusted on request to fit your wrist. It is very easy to combine this women's bracelet with a watch or even a stack of several bracelets. It adapts easily to all looks and all lifestyles.

Discretion, too little for you? Opt for a sumptuous diamond river. A dazzling diamond pavé surrounds your wrist and brings undeniable sophistication to your outfit whatever the occasion.

The round stones are set in a removable setting that adapts to the movements of your wrist. All our bracelets are designed with strong clasps, to guarantee maximum security when you wear your jewelry.


This will depend above all on your budget! If you want luxury, you can opt for designer jewelry from a recognized brand. This purchase is a large investment, because the precious metal used for its manufacture has a price that fluctuates depending on the current price of gold and diamonds.

If your budget is smaller, you always have the option of opting for a more confidential jewelry store that offers lower prices. In both cases, you must pay attention to the quality and finishes of the jewelry. The choice is yours, but do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals on the subject.


The DC house offers you several models of bracelets designed with passion in the purest tradition of French jewelry.

If you like to wear jewelry with a clean and simple style, you will succumb to the charm of the gold bracelet with diamond Light. Solitaire diamond cord bracelet designed with a fine 18K gold chain, which is offered in color yellowPink ou White. This solitaire diamond bracelet will delicately fit the shape of your wrist and will perfectly accompany each of your daily gestures. 

If you like styles of jewelry more adorned with stones, the diamond river is made for you! We offer fine one-carat rivers, which will elegantly match your outfit.

But if you prefer more imposing jewelry, we offer diamond bracelets up to 10 carats. With this 10 carat jewel, you will undoubtedly stand out for its line of very important diamonds. 

To protect your jewelry, you can ask to add a safety chain to your bracelet. So, there will be no risk of losing it. 

Diamond bracelets for women are made of precious metals such as 18-carat white, yellow, pink or palladium gold. The choice of platinum is also possible, this metal is known to be much stronger and stronger than gold. 

Diamond cord bracelets are available in several sizes: from 17 cm to 19 cm. This will ensure a fit that fits your wrist. If the size does not fit, our workshop will make the necessary size adjustment. 


A river of diamonds can be worn every day or for a special occasion like a wedding or formal event. Our collection of bracelets can also be an excellent choice for a gift for your bridesmaid, bride or wedding anniversary.

The collection of diamond river is perfect for immortalizing an important moment in your life, it will most certainly be an unforgettable gift. Diamonds set between 4 claws, our bracelets consist of a line of approximately 45 diamonds, or even more depending on the caratage.

Some models have diamonds on a double ring shaped body, the heartfour Leaf Clover ou infinity sign. These fancy models are very popular with young people.

What gold for a 1 carat diamond river bracelet?

Choosing gold for a 2 carat diamond river bracelet is an important decision, as it affects both the aesthetics and the lifespan of the jewelry. Here is a professional guide to choosing the right type of gold for a diamond river bracelet:

  1. 18k White Gold Bracelet: White gold is a popular choice for diamond river bracelets. It offers a neutral shine that highlights the brilliance of diamonds. White gold is usually alloyed with other metals to give it its white hue, such as palladium or nickel. It offers an elegant look that pairs well with diamonds.
  2. Yellow Gold Bracelet: Yellow gold is a classic and warm choice for a diamond river bracelet. It provides a striking contrast to diamonds, showcasing their brilliance and beauty. Yellow gold is naturally yellow and does not require alloys for its coloring. It gives a touch of tradition and luxury to the room.
  3. Rose Gold Bracelet: Rose gold is a trendy option for a diamond river bracelet. It has a delicate pink hue that adds a touch of romance to the room. Rose gold is obtained by combining gold with copper. It creates a subtle contrast with diamonds, giving them a soft and feminine appearance.
  4. Black Gold Bracelet: Black gold, also known as black rhodium-plated gold, is a bold and modern option. It provides a striking contrast to diamonds and creates a contemporary aesthetic. Black gold is made by applying a black rhodium coating to white or yellow gold. It is suitable for those looking for a unique and edgy look.

Choosing gold for a diamond river bracelet depends on your personal preferences for color, style and aesthetic. It is essential to consider skin tone, budget and type of diamonds in the final choice of bracelet.

It is recommended to work with your jeweler who can advise you on choosing gold based on your needs. Ultimately, choosing gold for your diamond river bracelet will help create a precious and memorable piece that reflects your personal style and taste.


We offer variations of our models with precious stones because it is a bolder choice than the diamond. They offer a more colorful alternative that escapes the classic shackles of jewelry.

Gold bracelets for women are available with precious stones.

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