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Redemption of emeralds

We buy back your Emeralds

Selling a precious stone, a ruby, is not easy. In accordance with the law and in full ethics, we can estimate your diamonds and precious stones.
To proceed with the redemption of an emerald, it is necessary to make an expertise of the stone. We need some information. The color and its variants, the purity and the weight of the emerald are essential. We have prepared a small form, easy to fill out, it will help us prepare for the telephone interview that we are going to give you.
After making an appointment with one of our experts,
we will receive you in our offices in order to proceed to the expertise, the estimate and the purchase proposal of an emerald.
To do this, all you need to do is complete the form below. Please be as precise as possible and if your emeralds are mounted on jewelry, please specify.

You don't need to call us. No information will be communicated without receipt of this form.


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