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Questions / Answers

  1. What are the benefits of wearing an amethyst necklace? Amethyst is known for its supposed healing and spiritual properties. Many people believe it can help calm the mind, encourage serenity, and improve intuition. Although these benefits are not scientifically proven, many people find comfort and aesthetic joy in wearing these jewels. In addition to these qualities, amethyst is a stunning stone that can add a splash of color and sparkle to any outfit.
  2. How do I take care of my amethyst necklace? Amethysts are relatively hard, but it is important to treat them with care to maintain their beauty. Avoid exposing them to heat and chemicals as this can alter the color and shine of the stone. To clean your amethyst necklace, use warm water with a little mild soap and a soft bristle brush. Be sure to dry it well before storing it.
  3. Does amethyst lose its color over time? Amethyst is a stone that can actually fade if exposed to direct, intense light over a long period of time. This is why it is advisable to store amethyst jewelry away from light when you are not wearing it. Nevertheless, when properly cared for and protected from excessive light exposure, amethyst can retain its beautiful color for a lifetime.
  4. Does amethyst have any specific meanings or symbolism? In many cultures, amethyst is associated with spirituality, purification, serenity and wisdom. It is often used in meditation practices to help calm the mind and promote inner clarity. In the zodiac, amethyst is associated with the sign of Pisces, and it is also the traditional birthstone for the month of February. However, each person can attribute their own personal meaning to their amethyst stone, whether based on these traditions or their own experiences and feelings.
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