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Men's cufflinks

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From €1.200,00 €1.056,00
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For a long time, the typically elegant dress of men has always been based on a suit, a shirt and a tie. As of today, that has not changed. Except, the accessories that can match this look. For many years, cufflinks have been invented to improve men's attire. From the XNUMXth century, cufflinks were used. They were made with silver and gold only. Since that time, he has gone through a lot of improvements and creativity. 

What are cufflinks?

First of all, a cufflink is a button that closes the 2 cuffs of a shirt. It can be worn by men with a shirt and other accessories that go with their outfits. And since there are 2 cuffs, the buttons are created in pairs. They are like decorative pieces on the garment. It gives a different style to the wearer as there are several styles of cufflinks. The advantage of a cufflink is that it is an accessory bringing a note of sophistication to the wrist that wears them.

The different types of cufflinks.

As we said above, there are different styles of cufflinks. It differs by its material, its shape or even by color.

The different types of cufflinks by shape:

- Fishtail cufflink: this type of button is the most used. It is easily found and has an easier manual. It has a flat visible face held by a rod which will form the closure of the button and give the shape of a fishtail.

- Double-action fixing cufflink: a button of this type is a button which is very modern. Its closure is drawn from that of a watch. It therefore brings a more modern touch to your outfit.

- Pistol cufflink: it is very close to the fishtail cufflink style and only its closure makes the difference between the two types of buttons. Its closure has the shape of a pistol bullet hence its name pistol cufflink.

- Chain cufflink: this type of button has 2 visible sides which are connected by a small chain. 

- button nail cuff : this button has a visible face which is placed at one end of the rod and at the other end is placed a flat button which gives the closure a nail shape.

- Ball cufflink: it has a very simple style with a ball-shaped face (rounded face) and a curved shank to hold it.

Here we have taken some examples of button types but there are still others like knot cufflinks.

            Cufflinks are made from all kinds of materials. They can be made from crystal if you want shiny buttons; from carbon fiber if you want buttons that are light, strong and have modern designs; from glasses; from silk if you want less formal buttons compared to others or even from onyx. The materials listed here are not the only raw materials used to make cufflinks. There are still many different materials like silver, metal alloy, enamel and gemstones.

When can you wear cufflinks?

This piece of jewelry is known to accompany a man's wedding attire. It is the ideal jewel to give relief to an outfit. You can put on the cufflinks as long as you are wearing shirts where they can be placed. You can always wear them whether it's for an event, or at the office, or during an attractive outing. No matter where you go, you are free to put the cufflinks on your shirts. Cufflinks are always in fashion. So you can wear them even everyday. Treat yourself by matching the cufflinks with your outfit.

Are cufflinks a gift choice?

Cufflinks are accessories for men. These are accessories that can personalize their outfits. The cufflinks can very well be given as a gift just like other accessories such as the watch, the tie or the like. You can choose buttons that bring out the personality of the person to whom you are going to give this wonderful gift, or you can simply choose chic cufflinks. You have a wide choice in terms of color, shape, materials or really the type of buttons because there are several.

As mentioned above, you don't have to wait for a good occasion to enjoy a chic and elegant or casual style with cufflinks. So you can give the cufflinks at any time and please your husband, your brother, your father or a man to whom you want to give it. Cufflinks are a great option if you want to give someone a gift. You can also treat yourself by buying them for yourself.

The price of cufflinks varies according to the materials used to make them, according to its color, according to its shape or also according to the materials used. But, you will still be able to buy them at an affordable price.

We offer models in 18k gold color yellow, Pink ou White. This metal is ideal for bringing that essential touch of sophistication when wearing a suit. 

Do you want to have cufflinks to match your look? Do you want to show your passion or your own style through the cufflinks? Or maybe you want to find a gift for men? Look no further because we have several types of cufflinks available to you. We invite you to see the different types of buttons that we sell in our store or on our site. Cufflinks have been a fashion for men today and for quite some time. We therefore invite you to contact us for your purchase or for more information.

Questions / Answers

  1. What is a cufflink? Cufflinks are fashion accessories typically worn with shirts that have French cuffs, also known as French cuffs. They are used to close the wrists and add an extra decorative element to an outfit. Unlike traditional buttons which are attached to the shirt, cufflinks are detachable and can come in a variety of styles, designs and materials including gold, silver, platinum, glass or stone precious.
  2. How to wear cufflinks? To wear cufflinks, you will need a shirt with French cuffs. You first bend the wrist backwards to line up the button holes. Then you insert the cufflink through the holes on both sides of the wrist, securing it in place. The cufflink design should be visible on the outside. They can be worn with a suit for a formal look, or with a dress shirt for a semi-formal event.
  3. When to wear cufflinks? Cufflinks are usually worn for formal occasions, such as weddings, galas, or corporate events. However, they can also be worn for semi-formal or even casual occasions to add a touch of elegance. The important thing is to match them with the rest of your outfit. For example, gold or gemstone cufflinks can be reserved for more formal events, while cufflinks with a simpler or more casual design can be worn on a daily basis.
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