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Silver Necklaces and Pendants

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Silver necklace

Simple or more worked, alone or with a pendant, the silver necklace (925 thousandth) is the jewel par excellence to dress the neck of a woman with elegance. Worn over a neckline, a flared collar or a turtleneck, a silver necklace will sublimate your outfit and enhance your wearing with a completely feminine charm.

Can be worn on a daily basis or on special occasions, the necklace is a jewel that goes with all styles and suits all tastes. Gifting a silver necklace with a diamond pendant is a great idea for a wedding, anniversary or just to prove your love to a loved one.

The solitaire silver necklace?

Solitaire or long necklace, with diamond or gemstone pendant, the choices of silver necklaces and pendants are endless.

Very refined and delicate, the solitaire silver necklace remains a classic choice. Simple, it consists of a single precious stone (often a diamond) set in a studs on a silver (or other noble metal) support. The gemstone can take various shapes: round, pear, marquise, emerald, princess or heart. This last form is the most appreciated by couples to prove the strength of their love. 

The subtlety of this jewel is that it gives off a shine that is both discreet and very luminous. The perfect choice for those who like to shine without making a fuss. Wearing it on a neckline will bring a very appreciated touch of elegance and refinement. A silver and diamond solitaire also fits perfectly to showcase a wedding dress.

Silver necklace with pendant

For those who prefer more extensive necklaces, there are silver models with more luxurious pendants, meticulously set with a whole multitude of precious stones (diamonds, blue sapphires, pink sapphires, etc.). The jewel can be more or less complex, it all depends on the desired style and the occasion for which the necklace will be worn.

Thus, there are silver necklaces with imposing pendants, adorned with a halo of diamonds or other jewels. The models can be classic or more fanciful, with necklaces in the shape of rosettes or hearts. And if the diamond is the most used jewel, nothing prevents to turn to other colored jewels to bring a note of cheerfulness to your outfit.

Silver bar necklace

There are also very original necklaces called bar necklaces. These consist of a fine row of diamonds or precious stones set lengthwise on the necklace to form a subtle luminous roundness. Very original, the barrette necklace will delicately hug your neck and highlight all the grace of your personality.

The central bar of the necklace can take many forms: a tree branch set with diamonds, an arrow whose tip is sublimated by a precious stone or even a fanciful feather also adorned with diamonds.

The silver necklace

The long necklace is a jewel of a very chic casual style which is generally worn over a casual outfit. Longer than a classic necklace, it does not associate with a pendant but rather comes in the form of a long chain in which we insert diamonds or precious pearls set in chips or, pearls or charms.

Very glamorous, a long necklace can be worn with a neckline, on a shirt with a collar or with a sweater with a turtleneck. Associated with a dress, your necklace will give it a very elegant note and will enhance it much more.

Necklace with name or letter pendant

A very trendy silver jewel that will never go out of fashion is the necklace with a letter or name pendant. This type of necklace has no age and makes an excellent gift to give for a birthday, a baptism or a birth.

A necklace with a letter can also be personalized, thus adding more originality to its design. The pendant can be set with diamonds or other fine stones (rubies, sapphires, amethysts, etc.). It is even possible to ask your jeweler to engrave an inscription on it, a significant date for example. This model of necklace is also available in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and platinum.

Choose the chain for your necklace

The choice of chain for a necklace is generally made according to the style of the jewel. If you want to wear your necklace alone, without a pendant, we will use much more elaborate chains. A twisted necklace chain for example, or a chain with flat and wide links, called a "mirror" chain.

If you plan to wear your necklace to a pendant, then we will rely instead on thin chains so as not to stifle the rendering of the pendant. At DC we offer two types of chains: the square link and the ball link.

The length of the necklace is also a take into consideration. For a classic necklace, we will opt for a chain at 32 or 42 cm. For a “sautoir” effect, the length will be longer and for a “crew neck” style necklace, it will be less.

Which necklace for men?

Men often prefer sober and much more refined necklaces. The trend is much more on necklaces with pendants in the shape of military plaques. This model is available in silver, gold and platinum. The plaques can be personalized with initials, a specific date or an engraving.

Another piece of female jewelry is the pendant with religious connotations with Muslim, Christian or Jewish symbols. For a more quirky style, you can opt for a Men's necklace with a skull, or with a leopard's head, a feather or a shark's tooth. Our collection therefore adapts to all styles.

Do you want to personalize your necklace? Turn to our jewelers and they will make you a unique piece that reflects your personality.

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