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A unique wedding ring that symbolizes your union

Wedding rings are precious stones that stay with you for life. To choose the right alliance, respect the following criteria. Find the one that suits you and that you can wear every day.

The choice of wedding ring is very important in the preparation for marriage. It is a symbol of your union and the union between two families. In gold or silver, with diamonds or precious stones, stylish and whimsical designs, there are as many alliances as couples. Discover the collections offered by DCgemmes that will surely not leave you indifferent!

Choose a men's wedding ring or a women's wedding ring to your liking

When it comes time to choose the most important piece of jewelry in your life, there are a lot of questions to ask. How to choose such important jewelry?

How not to be misunderstood if I never wear a ring? Should the union be the same? Do wedding rings have to be metal or can they contain gemstones?

full metal wedding ring

Metal is the number one criterion when choosing a wedding ring. It is this material and its quality that determine the longevity and beauty of your jewelry over the years.

Gold is the first choice for its delicacy and brilliance. Solid and precious, this yellow metal is now mixed with other materials such as copper or palladium to obtain different colors. Pink, white or yellow, there is something for you. Match your wedding ring to your engagement ring, or mix the colors as you wish, the important thing is that you like it.

If you choose a silver wedding ring, be aware that this metal is softer and more brittle than gold. However, it is well received by jewelers who appreciate its icy and sparkling color. In addition, it is often more accessible.

Alliance with white diamonds

It's all a matter of taste. Wedding rings for women can be with diamonds, semicircle, three-quarters or full circle (be careful, full circles are more fragile). If the engagement ring is already paved on it, you can play the full diamond card. Another possibility: bet on the complementarity to facilitate the interpretation of the two jewels.

If one of your rings is more daring, you can choose a more modest design for the other. Note, gentlemen, that you are not exempt from diamonds either. They are not exclusive to women and can add an extra touch of sparkle to your wedding band with a touch of precision. So your jewelry can be adorned with a few discrete gemstones or even a full rotation.

Gold wedding band with white diamonds

Another question of taste. Wedding rings for women can be with diamonds, semicircle, three-quarters or full circle (be careful, full circles are more fragile). If the engagement ring is already paved on it, you can play the full diamond card.

Another possibility: bet on the complementarity to facilitate the interpretation of the two jewels. If one of your rings is more daring, you can choose a more modest design for the other.

Note, gentlemen, that you are not exempt from diamonds either. They are not exclusive to women and can add an extra touch of sparkle to your wedding band with a touch of precision. So your jewelry can be adorned with a few discrete gemstones or even a full rotation.

stone covenant

A gem-encrusted wedding band marks the beginning of an everlasting union in a unique way. Various gemstones are becoming more and more popular among women in jewelry. Each of them has a very unique color and special properties.

The blue color of sapphire is often associated with celestial purity. Sapphire is a gemstone that symbolizes hope and helps resolve conflict. It is perfect for alliances.

DCgemmes offers traditional metal rings with diamonds or precious stones. There is something for every budget.

Bring a personal touch to your league

Engraving makes your jewelry more unique and personal. You decide what you want to write on your jewelry. Traditionally, the inscription of the name of the spouse and/or the date of the marriage is the most common. Today, however, more unique prints, such as eye-catching quotes or hangouts, have become very popular.

Also, if you appreciate originality without denying tradition, the jewelers of DCgemmes will guide you to the best option for you. Regarding the price, buying a wedding ring from DCgemmes guarantees you a free engraving.

Advice on alliances

Wedding rings are the symbol of a couple's commitment. It reflects the past, present and future of the bride and groom. To make the right choice, several criteria must be taken into account:

The shape of the ring (ring, half-ring or ribbon) influences the comfort and ease of wearing it every day.

Colour : to match your engagement ring, not to match, to contrast with your skin... the color of the ring is an important decision.

Duos : the choice must take into account the fact that the spouses exchange identical wedding rings;

Budget : The couple will adapt their purchases to their immediate desires.

Select : Ask an expert to measure the circumference of your finger today. And don't panic if you make a mistake, the brand(s) often offer size discounts.


Wedding ring

Symbol of eternal love, the alliance has always existed. The ideal woman's wedding ring is the one that suits you. A multitude of models are available on our site. From the model with simple shapes that respects tradition to the more original models with daring curves, the choice is yours. The wedding ring is THE jewel that you will wear all your life. It should therefore be chosen with special attention. 

The gold wedding rings (or platinum) come in several forms: in half ring shiny or satin composed of a central line, riding a Concave ou straight cut edges, in flat cushion and ribbon. Since the width of the wedding ring is quite thin, it is ideal to wear for those with very thin fingers. Several sizes are available on our site, with a width ranging from 2 mm à 6 mm. If that's not enough, you can opt for a tailor-made creation and increase the width of your jewelry.

How to choose a gold wedding ring?

How to choose your gold wedding ring? What type of wedding ring best suits your finger, what color of gold and type of metal? or what the thickness? These questions come up when the opportunity comes to buy a gold woman's wedding ring for your big day. Women's wedding ring white gold, yellow gold, pink gold or platinum ... To facilitate your research, we are at your side to help you choose your ring. The alliance is a symbol of love between two people. What better way to symbolize marriage than two rings often matched with each other. Couples wedding rings are the jewels that you will wear all your life. Discover the different options of timeless wedding rings for men as well as for women that our craftsmen make by hand in our Parisian workshop. 

Depending on your skin tone, a gold color can be favored over another. 18k yellow, white or pink gold is available to you. The choice is entirely up to you and your life partner. Should you grant your wedding ring to your future husband or to his future wife? This choice is personal. Some couples opt for a similar model, others prefer to mismatch their jewelry.

Fancy alliances.

The original fancy wedding rings stand out from other wedding rings by their original shape. Its shape allows it to be associated with an engagement ring for women. There are also many options for men. Diamonds can be set on your ring. But why not get out of the usual shackles by opting for black diamonds or even precious stones, such as ruby, sapphire or even emerald, to bring a touch of color to your hand. Single stone or line set all around the wedding ring, which will you choose?

All our models are made in France with quality know-how in our workshops.

What is a men's ring for?

Contrary to popular belief, men love to wear shiny accessories like the ring to demonstrate its richness, its power and above all to assert its style. Indeed, the ring has been since the Middle Ages one of the symbols of nobility that every man had to wear. Until today, the men's rings do not shock society and even become the prerogative of so-called “artistic” professions.
Thus, the rings can take all widths, sizes and materials to allow men to differentiate themselves and follow fashion. They represent a message that emphasizes the character of the person wearing it. For example, a beautiful signet ring thick and noble can symbolize the dominant and robust character or mark the membership of a sibling. It can also be offered for the 18 years of the boy becoming a man. While a matching band is offered during the wedding ceremony, hence its origin and name.
In any case, the ring no longer leaves the male fingers, even if it has somewhat lost its old meaning. It is now chosen according to the preferences and dress mode of its owner.

Which ring for a man?

Choose one man ring as a birthday present cannot be improvised. First of all, the choice turns to the metal used. For the more classic and the big budgets, one can require noble materials such as gold, silver, platinum or titanium. There are also relatively new materials available for a reasonable price such as stainless steel or tungsten. The advantage is that they have a resistance comparable to that of a diamond and the brilliance of a mirror.
Once the material has been chosen, the men's ring will have to match his style of dress and his personality. For a discreet and elegant style, opt for a ring that goes with sober outfits such as a signet ring or a black gold ring. On the contrary, for a more extravagant assertive taste, a color model or one with inlaid stone could be suitable. As for the size, men greatly prefer a piece of jewelry whose thickness does not exceed 3 mm but that does not prevent buying bigger models.
For additional information, do not hesitate to visit online jewelry stores to find a wide range of cheap or on sale men's rings. There is something for everyone and delivery is often free.

How to wear a ring for men?

There are several meanings surrounding rings and the different ways they are worn. For a man as for a woman, thering is more than a jewel since it represents an emotional load.
Wearing the man ring particularly respects a certain convention, particularly symbolic. Placing it on the little finger signifies intelligence and the ability to convince. The best-selling wedding ring positioned on the ring finger shows romantic commitment and creativity. On the middle finger, the ring  marks responsibility and balance. While on the index finger it is a sign of authority and power, and on the thumb friendship.
A man can wear any ring on any finger, today everything is a matter of style and taste. Indeed, the ring will find its place naturally depending on the personality of the wearer. In general, we just tend to avoid wearing jewelry on the right hand if you are right-handed, on the left hand if you are left-handed. This reduces the risk of damaging or losing the ring. Then, the number will depend essentially on the type of ring, the ideal is not to exceed the three rings on both hands to avoid errors of taste. In addition, the best is to favor quality over quantity.

What are the different rings for men?

The men's rings are part of men's fashion accessories. Especially since the choice has become very wide since today there are many models that meet all preferences.
THEmatching band is the jewel that we see the most on a man's finger. Usually, it is made with a thin design made of gold or silver. Engraving is permitted only inside the ring.
The eldest of the family wears the signet ring on the ring finger of the right hand, with his wedding ring if he is married. The other men wear it on the right little finger. While the woman wears it on the little finger of her right hand.
Unlike the two previous types of ring, men can also wear a ring model with no particular meaning. In general, we prefer materials such as stainless steel, silver and metal, certainly not of the same quality as gold, titanium, tungsten or diamond but quite resistant and at a low price. These fancy rings can be worn on any finger, we just tend to avoid the dominant hand.

When to give a ring for men?

The ring is a very good alternative. Moreover, it can be offered as a gift for all occasions: engagement, anniversary, baptism ...
On the occasion of a wedding, the wedding ring is exchanged on D-Day, it symbolizes eternal union and is undoubtedly the jewel that requires the most attention. It is also customary to offer a jewel like the signet ring during a first communion or a baptism of a little boy. The date of birth and the child's first name are the most preferred engravings for this type of jewelry. Then we can also offer a ring as a sign of integration of a new member into a privileged club such as a fraternity. Often, a signet ring engraved with the establishment's logo is offered. For an anniversary, a silver and black colored ring with ethnic patterns will satisfy a casual-looking recipient. It is enough to match the taste of the person with the aesthetics of the ring and know in advance the size and width of the finger.
Regarding materials, white gold and silver are easily worn by men.

Which finger to wear a men's ring on?

From an outside eye, we cannot say what is the symbolism of this or that hand, but there are certain conventions applied since ancient times regarding the wearing of a man's ring.
The index finger is the finger that allows you to highlight a ring. The middle finger remains the best solution for wearing a classic ring. The ring finger, meanwhile, traditionally wears the wedding ring. This finger is considered to be that of the heart and of conjugal love. In the event that we are entitled to an engagement ring, it can be placed on the right ring finger, once the wedding has been celebrated.
The little finger is reserved for the signet ring. In the past, it allowed official documents to be signed by pressing the front face of the men's ring in hot wax in order to then seal the document. Otherwise, we choose this finger to wear other types of rings because it does not reflect any religious or cultural connotation.
Today it is possible to wear the ring on any finger without worrying about a special meaning.

Questions / Answers

  1. What makes yellow gold, white gold and rose gold different? Yellow gold is gold in its purest and most natural form. White gold is an alloy of gold and other white metals such as palladium or nickel. Rose gold is an alloy of gold, copper and sometimes silver, which gives it a pink tint.
  2. How do I know if my wedding ring is real gold? There are several methods to determine if your ring is real gold. One is to check for hallmarks or maker's marks which often indicate gold content. You can also use a gold test kit or consult a professional jeweler.
  3. How do I choose the size of my wedding ring? It is best to have your finger measured by a professional jeweler to get an accurate measurement. Another method is to measure the circumference of your finger with a piece of string or a piece of paper, then use an online conversion chart to find the corresponding ring size.
  4. What is the meaning of gold wedding rings? Gold wedding rings usually symbolize unity and eternal commitment between two people in marriage. Gold itself is often associated with purity, stability and value.

  5. How to clean and maintain a gold wedding ring? Gold can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a little warm water and mild soap. For maintenance, it is best to remove your ring when performing tasks that may cause scratches or damage. In addition, it is recommended to have your ring checked and cleaned by a professional once a year.
  6. Can I wear my gold wedding ring every day? Yes, you can wear your gold wedding ring every day. However, it is important to note that gold is a relatively soft metal and can be scratched or damaged with heavy use. It is therefore recommended to remove your ring when carrying out intense manual tasks.
  7. Do gold wedding rings lose value over time? Gold wedding rings can lose part of their market value if they are scratched or damaged. However, the value of gold itself tends to increase over time, so the intrinsic value of the gold in the ring may increase. The sentimental value of the wedding ring remains priceless.
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