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When talking about diamonds, we often refer to the carat of the diamond. Diamond at 0,5, 1 or even 3 carats, our jewelers explain to you what the carat of a diamond is.

What is the carat of a diamond?

In jewelry, the weight of a diamond or a gemstone is determined in carats. The carat is therefore the unit of measurement used to know the weight of a precious stone. This unit comes to us from India where carob seeds were used to weigh diamonds. For a very long time, each unit varied from one jeweler to another because each used different seeds when weighing. But today, the international unit is fixed at 1 carat for 0,20 grams (which is equivalent to the weight of a paper clip).

Differentiate the carat from the dimensions of a diamond

When talking about the carat of a diamond, it is important to know how to differentiate between the dimensions and the weight of the stone because they are two totally different parameters. Indeed, we can find two diamonds of the same carat but of different shapes and sizes.

If the carat translates the weight of the diamond, then the dimensions of a diamond refer to the height, the width and the measurements of the stone (the girdle of the diamond and the upper face called the table). The table is the visible face of the stone while the girdle constitutes the invisible part which will then be inserted into the metal of the jewel. It is these dimensions that make it possible to obtain the final shape of the diamond, whether it is a round, oval, pear, marquise or heart diamond.

What is the relationship between point and carat of a diamond?

In the 1900s, the weight of a diamond or gemstone was calculated in carats and carat fractions. Thus, it was quite common to find a diamond marked 1+ ½+ 1/16 carat. But this method was not picky enough and often led to confusion, especially when determining the price of the stone.

This is why gemologists agreed on a common scale and decided to subdivide the carat into 100 points, with one point equaling one hundredth of a carat. This made it possible to weigh each diamond to the nearest hundredth. In jewelry stores, you will notice that the weight of certain precious stones is indicated in fractions of a carat or in carats while in others the weight is indicated in hundredths of a carat, with a number followed by a comma and a decimal. (for example 1,50 carat).

How to calculate the carat weight of a diamond?

The method to find the weight of a diamond in carat is very easy. Simply weigh the diamond to determine its weight in grams, then divide the value found by 0,2. This way you will get the carat weight.

Namely that the carat greatly influences the price of a diamond but it is not the only element to be taken into consideration. Indeed, the quality of the cut, the clarity and the purity of the gem are also very decisive. Turn to our DC jewelers and gemologists to find the most beautiful diamond that meets your desires!

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