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How to wear a peridot ring?

Its olive green color is perfect for matte or tanned skin. The softness of this shade stands out in an incredible way on this type of complexion. Succumb to our selection of solitaires adorned with a peridot stone. This stone, which is often overlooked in the world of jewelry, makes your piece unique. Its color, as intriguing as it is elegant, can be worn easily on a daily basis. It goes wonderfully with white gold or platinum. It can be worn daily without difficulty. Its shade is highly sought after by women who love the natural. 

We offer a collection of rings set with peridots, in all sizes: cushion, oval, round or emerald. The model called Cabotine is perfect for a young audience wishing to acquire their first valuable piece. It has a rather fanciful and unmistakably modern rounded shape. 

Our jewelry is crafted from 18k gold, including yellow and white that are perfect for this gem. Rose gold is not the best combination with this stone. We offer a line of quality rings, made in the pure tradition of French jewelry.

Who to offer a peridot stone?

Peridot being the birthstone for August, it is perfect as a birthday gift for people born during this summer month. Sparkling and original, it is perfect for summer, it protects against bad dreams and brings balance. It is also a symbol of young and spontaneous love. It is a very spiritual gem that will bring inner peace to people born in this month.


Questions / Answers

  1. Is peridot a good stone for an engagement ring? Yes, peridot is an excellent and unique choice for an engagement ring. It has a distinct green color that is both vibrant and soothing. However, it is important to note that peridot is slightly less hard than more common stones like diamond, ruby, or sapphire, so it must be handled with care to avoid scratches or damage.
  2. What is the meaning of peridot in an engagement ring? Peridot symbolizes strength, vitality, and growth, making it a meaningful stone choice for an engagement ring. It is often associated with eternal love, friendship and fidelity, which makes it even more appropriate for a ring symbolizing commitment and devotion.
  3. How to care for a peridot engagement ring? To care for a peridot engagement ring, avoid wearing it during household chores or physical activities to avoid scratching or breaking it. It is also recommended that you clean it regularly with a soft cloth and warm soapy water, and have it checked and professionally cleaned once a year.
  4. How to choose a quality peridot for an engagement ring? When choosing a peridot, look for a bright, even color. High quality stones will have an intense green color. In addition, the stone must be free from inclusions visible to the naked eye. Finally, the cut of the stone should improve its brilliance and minimize inclusions or flaws.
  5. Are peridot engagement rings more affordable than other types of engagement rings? In general, peridot engagement rings are more affordable than rings with more traditional gemstones like diamonds. However, the final cost depends on many factors, including the quality of the stone, the carat weight, the design of the ring, and the type of metal used for the setting.
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