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Frequently Asked Questions

About DC

What type of gemological certificate do you provide for a diamond equal to or greater than 0.5 carat?

Usually, we provide IGI, HRD or GIA certificates for diamonds equal to or greater than 0,50 carat. Nevertheless, certificates can be provided to you at your request.

For an IGI certificate there may be an additional cost of 100€ per stone.
For an HRD certificate there may be an additional cost of 200€ per stone.
For a GIA certificate there may be an additional cost of 300€ per stone.

Please ask us when placing your order to discuss this in more detail.

Can you give me an overview of DC in two minutes?

DC is a company specializing in diamonds and the design of engagement rings. We are known for our expertise in the diamond field. We stock many diamonds, both round and fancy. All of our diamonds are available and displayed on the website with a full set of data. We offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on all diamonds, as well as a 100-day return option. We provide beautiful packaging and free transport provided by Colissimo and FedEx, and there is no sales tax collected on shipments outside the European Community. DC is a large-scale manufacturer. For local customers, we offer an intimate experience in our showroom. We provide a free one-year after-sales service plan on all of our finished jewelry. All DC Diamond and Jewelry Consultants are jewelry professionals. Welcome to DC and thank you for your interest!

Do you have gemologists on your staff?

We currently have two gemologists on our team. They are an integral part of our customer service and quality control teams. Plus, all of our diamond advisors are jewelry experts. All our staff are trained and informed. We are happy to be able to arrange an interview with one of our expert gemologists for you at any time.


What makes DC so special?

DC offers an extensive inventory of certified diamonds, each available and ready to ship. This inventory represents the most comprehensive set of light performance data and images available today. All internal diamonds in the DC range are backed by our 100% lifetime warranty. In addition to internal inventory, our reputation for excellence gives us access to the entire global diamond market. We routinely supply diamonds to our clients from these 'virtual' inventories, many of which can be viewed in our virtual selection category. Our virtual diamond department also takes care of bringing the diamonds into our facility and doing the same thorough inspections and performance evaluations performed on our own inventory. All diamonds and jewelry sold by DC are carefully inspected by our gemological and expert staff. Each of our products is always delivered with care, which guarantees the best quality with every order. Our modern factory staffed by experienced and highly skilled jewelers gives us the ability to create beautiful jewelry of all kinds and all levels of complexity. Finally, our DC Diamond Experts provide our customers with expert advice and assistance that makes the buying experience at DC convenient, hassle-free and enjoyable. The DC Advantage is a combination of superior products and services, detailed product information, expert advice, exceptional value and more. Testimonials from satisfied customers confirm it all!


What does the bi-annual review of my jewelery consist of?

Every two years, you have the option of sending your jewel back to DC for an overhaul.

Here is what it consists of 
Complete and diagnostic examination of the condition of the jewel
Verification of each of the diamonds
Replacement of broken stones
Replacement of claws deteriorated by use
Verification of the condition of the metal and its level of wear
If necessary, reinforcement of weak points
Verification of clasps and change if necessary
Repair of damage caused by an accident
Complete cleaning of the jewel in our ultra sound baths
Professional polishing by our jewelers
If necessary, a rhodium plating of the jewel



I am a new buyer. Do you have some basic information and tips?

Yes. This page gives you a quick overview of what you need to know about a diamond. It provides real practical advice as well as links to detailed information. Our diamond buying guide is a great place to start your journey! To learn more about DC Diamond Inventory, please visit our Diamond Categories page.


Does DC have a retail store?

Yes! We have a showroom in Paris. We are open to the public and all interested customers are welcome. However, due to the personal attention we like to give our clients, making an appointment is preferable. Please see our contact page where you can learn more about our store and even book your appointment directly online! To speak to a diamond consultant about a visit you can call us.

What is the warranty period for a repair?

As a standard, the time in which we carry out repairs to jewelry under warranty is 1 week.

Sizing, engraving and other modifications of the jewel are considered as repairs.

You can consult the list of our different tariffs on Tariffs for repairs and transformations.


What are the costs in the event of cancellation of a personalized jewel?

It all depends on the state of manufacture of your jewel.
If we are only at the prototyping stage, it will cost you a lump sum of 500€.
Whatever the reason for your cancellation, this sum will be invoiced to you.
If the manufacture has started, you will have to bear the entire value of the jewel. This jewel has been made to measure for you and we cannot resell it.
Whatever the reason for your cancellation, this sum will be invoiced to you.
No liability clause can be taken into account.



Are your diamonds certified by a laboratory?

DC specializes in diamonds. Our customers demand reports available from our labs with the most in-depth cut quality analyses. Although the GIA introduced the basic diamond grading system, which is used throughout the industry and is the most recognized gemological authority with an excellent reputation, our other partner laboratories have pioneered the analysis of diamond quality and has a worldwide reputation for excellence and consistency in diamond grading. Our partner laboratories are: GIA - HRD - IGI - LFG - EGL (USA only) - AGS - D&C

Are your diamonds guaranteed for life?

We know and follow the existence of our diamonds. We guarantee the longevity and non-deterioration of the diamonds over time.


What types of diamonds do you offer?

DC is your best partner for buying diamonds. Headquartered in Paris, DC specializes in tailor-made jewelry creations for a demanding clientele. We combine old world knowledge with new technology to distribute diamonds directly from our website in Paris to your doorstep. Our inventory consists of quality diamonds and we have an extensive collection of original and personalized jewelry. Our exceptional choice will ensure your complete satisfaction. Our selection consists of diamonds available quickly. DC will never send a diamond from a supplier to a customer. It is our policy to import from our sources any diamond that we offer to DC headquarters to undergo our own verification, expert analysis, and your approval before delivering it to you. These services combined with our satisfaction guarantee will give you complete confidence for all your DC purchases.


I would like to buy a princess cut diamond ring from you, will the diamond have a certificate of authenticity?

All our stones are accompanied by certificates of authenticity.
In addition, we will provide you with a 10-year guarantee certificate on the jewel.

are dc diamonds conflict free?

All diamonds sold by DC have been purchased from legitimate sources operating in strict compliance with France's resolutions and are not involved in conflict funding. We only deal with suppliers who explicitly justify that their diamonds have been placed on the market in accordance with the legal process. For more information on this important question and DC's response, please visit our Conflict-Free Diamonds page.

What is your definition of 'Eye Clean'?

DC's basic definition of Eye Clean is as follows:

No inclusions visible to the naked eye of a person with 20/20 vision. The diamond should be viewed in the face position from a distance of approximately 10 cm under normal lighting. Distance, lighting and human vision affect this judgment. There is no universally agreed definition of Eye Clean in the trade so we have developed this in order to communicate meaningfully with our customers. 10 cm is the “distance of the most distinct vision” as defined by the field of optometry. It is also a basis used by expert laboratories in the classification of light performance, which is a logical standard and a practical reference base. Diamonds graded with clarifications of SI, VS and VVS are almost always completely eye-clean by the above standard. On our website, the diamond detail pages include an icon indicative when the diamond is eye-clean.

For practical advice, see our page on diamond clarity. For more detailed information, see our lab clarity grading page.

What is a cushion cut diamond and why is it special?

The Cushion Cut model features a straight square outline with a set of brilliant style facets. It is a hybrid shape and cut style that produces more sparkle than traditional square or rectangular diamonds. Cushion cuts are more popular today than any other "fancy shape" diamond. For more information on what makes the Cushion Cut so appealing to modern diamond buyers, please see our website.

What is DiamCalc?

DiamCalc is an advanced computer program for the mathematical analysis of diamond cut quality and light performance. It is used by researchers, diamond professionals, and even serious diamond enthusiasts. It is developed by Octonus Software and was developed in collaboration with scientists at Moscow State University.

What is meant by "Triple 0"?

This is the designation of the Ideal Cup by our partner laboratories. It is the highest quality for cutting a diamond. These labs perform the most comprehensive and critical cut quality analysis of any lab in the world. They use a 0-10 rating scale, where 0 is best (think of it as 0 deductions). As the cup lab grading system advances and evolves, the use of the term "Triple 0" has changed. Today it is ideal in lightweight performance, polish and symmetry. A diamond must have 0 in all three of these areas in order to have ideal overall cut quality.

Is the quantity of diamonds on your rings fixed?

As you can imagine, the amount of diamond varies according to the size of the finger.

We reserve the right to modify the number of diamonds on the shouldered rings, the most important being the total caratage of the jewel.

We make every effort to deliver the prettiest ring possible.

The showroom


Please tell me (I live in Alsace) can I find one of your stores in my area?

We would like to see the rings in reality?

We sell exclusively on the internet, and this is what allows us to be so competitive in prices.

You have the possibility to see the products in our Parisian showroom.

In case you can't come and if you need more details, we can help and advise you on the purchase of your jewel.

You can reach us directly by phone.



Hello, your rings are offered with a diamond of 0,30 carat in general, can we have them with another weight?

Yes, absolutely.

You click on the model that interests you. At the top left of the product page. You can access the entire collection and customize the ring as you wish.

Does DC sell engagement rings?

Yes ! In case you can't find a particular style designed by one of our designers, let us know and we'll source it and make it for you.


Do you want a model inspired by what you have seen elsewhere?

We will not copy designer pieces as they are the creative intellectual property of the designer.

If you like the design style of the jewelry, we recommend that you buy the original of this jewelry.

Our custom design process allows us to put in design elements inspired by a style you like to create a new look, but it doesn't have to be a copy of a branded design. Many models are in the public domain on the market and can therefore be reproduced.

Our advisors can help you determine what can be done to satisfy you.


Is it possible to put my own diamond on a DC jewel?


Yes. Arrangements can be made to place your diamond provided it is certified by our partner labs. We require proof of insurance and a signed waiver releasing DC of all liability. Customer Diamonds can be defined in DC Catalogs where settings (DC Customization Projects) are reserved for DC Diamonds. For more details on this service, please see our page on creating jewelry with customer diamonds on our jewelry.


Ring size - what if I receive the wrong size and need to change it later?


Many of our customers purchase engagement rings or other jewelry as a gift. We strongly recommend that you make every effort to know the exact ring size at the time of ordering. In the event that a ring size needs adjusting, we provide a free ring size modification within the first year of purchase. Be aware though that ALL ring designs are limited in their size range. Most rings can be resized as to size. Eternity rings with diamonds all around are not many. Information about the calibration range of each ring is available on the ring detail page. If you have any questions about sizing or the ability of a ring to be adjusted to a different size, please contact one of our diamond and jewelry advisors before making your purchase. Also be aware that ring sizing standards vary from country to country. Please see this international ring size conversion chart for helpful estimates. Although we provide labor, materials, and handling for free sizing, shipping is the customer's responsibility. Important shipping information can be found on our returns page.

Will DC put a diamond in a setting I bought elsewhere?

Yes. There is a setup fee of €200. It is necessary to have the setting by our production team to verify that the selected diamond is appropriate for the setting, and to determine if other parts or materials are required. For important details on these services, please see our Working with Client Property page.


What is rhodium?

White gold products are routinely electroplated with a very expensive metal called rhodium. Rhodium is a platinum group metal that is inherently white and shiny. Gold alloys are not pure white because they contain a high percentage of yellow gold. Rhodium is what gives white gold its shiny white look. Because plating deposits a very thin layer of metal on the alloy, it is possible for it to wear away and reveal areas of the yellowish metal underneath. The number of times a piece of jewelry needs to be refurbished to maintain its bright white appearance is affected by several factors: Lifestyle, body chemistry, and exposure to certain chemicals in the environment. Rhodier is not difficult or terribly expensive. This is a final routine step in maintenance such as calibrating, repairing tips, or polishing. Typically, clients do not need frequent reimplantation. One of the advantages of Palladium is that it is inherently white and does not require plating.


What type of metal alloys does DC use?

Our gold products are 18k. 18K is 75% pure gold. White gold is an alloy of metals that give the metal hardness and whiteness. Nickel is normally used in this alloy. White gold products, because they are not pure white, are normally plated with rhodium to give the metal a brilliant white luster. platinum products are made with 95% pure platinum and 5% iridium. For more details, please see this page on the overview of metals and alloys.


Does DC service the jewelry it sells?

Yes. We provide full service on everything we sell. All purchases are covered by our 10-year after-sales service policy which is part of the DC Guarantee, providing great convenience and peace of mind.

How will my jewelery or diamonds be packaged? Do you provide a high quality box?

Yes. We understand that presentation is a very important part of purchasing and we offer elegant packaging. Please consult our delivery page for information on the delivery of our jewellery.


Do you have a ring size conversion chart to help determine the correct size to order?

You will find this table on all the rings pages. If you know the equivalent size in your country and you need to convert it to the French size or if you can carefully measure the diameter of a ring or the circumference of the finger.


Does DC offer engraving?


Yes, we offer engraving. You can choose from styles and most letters, numbers or symbols found on a standard keyboard can be engraved. About 30 characters can usually be engraved, but depending on the size of the surface being engraved, the maximum number that can fit may be smaller. The size of the finger, the width of the band and the style of construction will factor in what can be done with the engraving. Some styles cannot be engraved at all due to lack of space. The purity stamp and company stamp are required by law and will take up some of the available space. If you have any specific questions about engraving, we'd be happy to chat with you.

What is the best way to clean my diamond jewelry?

We recommend weekly soaking in a cleaning solution, along with gentle brushing and rinsing with clean water. If you don't have a pre-made soaking solution, you can easily make one by combining 1/3 household ammonia with 2/3 hot water. Let the jewelry soak for at least 30 minutes or longer if you haven't done so for a long time. Next, take a fine bristle brush (you can find some really good ones at the art supply store) and gently brush the piece, paying particular attention to the underside of the feature diamond. Then rinse and let dry. The ammonia and water solution does not harm jewelry set with diamonds or (most) gemstones. However, costume jewelry or jewelry that may contain glue should never be soaked. Organic gemstones like pearls or amber, or semi-porous stones like turquoise should never be soaked. Regular attention not only keeps your diamonds and precious metals sparkling, but also gives you the opportunity to inspect the piece for any issues such as raised scratches or loose stones, before they become a problem. Annual inspection and cleaning by a professional is also highly recommended.

Personalized jewelry


What are the fees for a custom design project?


There is no charge for our team to assess your project and provide you with a firm quote.

To proceed with the order from this point, full payment is required. (Full payment for a certified diamond or other gemstone going into the custom piece is also required).

Your project is then handed over to our designer who will develop your wish with CAD software.

Pictures of the design are offered for you to get your approval.

A minor modification is allowed at no additional cost. If you decide not to proceed with the order at this stage, you will be refunded the amount of your payment less a non-refundable €100 design fee.

After design approval, your project will move into the production phase. At this point, the order is non-refundable.

For more information, see our custom jewelry design process page.

How long does it take to make a personalized piece of jewelry?


We are highly experienced in computer aided jewelry design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

Our step-by-step process, where customers work directly with our designer, is relatively quick.

The design phase requires approximately 10 working days. After the design is finalized and the CAD rendering is approved by the client (actual photo of the images), the design goes to production and it takes about 12 working days to build and complete the part.

For more information, see our custom jewelry design process page.


Can you draw a sketch of a piece of jewelry?


Our custom jewelry design process involves a collaboration between you and our designer.

You can provide design ideas through sketches, pictures, or even verbal descriptions.

One of our diamond and jewelry advisors can walk you through the process and gather your information and get you a quote.

How do CAD images differ from those of the finished part?


The computer "renders" generated from the CAD file are quite realistic, but there are subtle differences between these images and what you will see when the part is finished.

The main difference is that the program file includes additional metal which will necessarily be removed in the finishing and polishing stages.

As a result the claws look longer, the edges sharper, and the piece overall is a bit bulkier than it will be when it's finished.


Can you send me the CAD file so I can look at it with my computer?


You will get renderings (computer generated images) from the CAD file, but not the file itself.

As part of our normal agreement, DC retains all rights to the design.

We provide information and CAD renderings necessary for the client to verify that the design elements have been assembled in the manner specified and that the overall design captures what the client envisioned.


Can I talk to the designer before he starts working on the project?



If you feel that a preliminary conversation is necessary so that the designer can fully understand your project, you can request that the designer contact you before starting work on your project.


What is the meaning of all the different diamond pictures?

The most important characteristics of diamonds are sparkle, brilliance and fire. The light performance qualities of a diamond can be assessed visually using certain types of special viewing devices. DC provides multiple images captured using these devices to help customers objectively determine diamond cut quality and light performance.



Can I get rush delivery?

It all depends on the product you have chosen.

We advise you to get in touch with our office at
We will give you our possibilities.


What is your delivery time?

Delivery times vary according to the products and the period of the order.

They vary from 2 to 12 weeks.

On all simple realization products such as stud earrings or diamond drops, we will be in the low range.

If you have special requests or if you choose certain jewels that require a search for specific diamonds, this may take longer.

Can I buy online and pick up my jewelry at your showroom?


If you have the possibility, it will allow you to verify your purchase and know us.


Secure shipping


International Shipping - Which countries can DC ship to?


We ship to worldwide.

Our only limitation is the ability to deliver our packages safely to any location.

Please see our international shipping list for the countries we currently serve. If your country is not listed, please contact us for the current status of delivery options.


Why does DC prefer to ship via FedEx and Colissimo with signature on receipt?


For security reasons, the standard DC delivery method is Fed Ex and Colissimo with signature. The package is delivered securely to a Fed Ex facility where the recipient must show identification in order to receive the package. The package is fully insured by DC up to the point of delivery.

It is important to understand that normal deliveries from FedEx or Colissimo can simply be left at the receiver's door.

Even packages sent by "signature only" can be delivered to anyone at the address. Fed Ex and Colissimo also allow customers to place a note in their file instructing the courier person to leave the package at the door if someone is not there to sign for them. Some customers do not know that such a note is in their FedEx and Colissimo file.

Due to the value and importance of the products we sell, every precaution is taken to ensure safe delivery.

In some cases, special arrangements can be made to ship directly to a business or residential address. A special waiver is required to release DC from any liability resulting from a package left unattended at the address, or to allow anyone other than the specific addressee to sign for it.

You can find more details on our Free Shipping page.


Do you ship to Australia and are there any special exchange arrangements?

Yes, we have many customers!

And yes, the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and our country has advantages. Be sure to check the information at your customs offices.


Can I get a FedEx or Colissimo tracking number to track my package?

You will receive a tracking number.

Due to the high values ​​involved, for your protection, tracking numbers are only sent to the email you issued when placing your order.

This prevents diversion of the package. You will need to be present to pick up the package or receive the parcel.

Is my order insured during transport?

Yes. All DC shipments are insured until the package is picked up by the customer.

Because the values ​​are usually very high, there are specific procedures DC follows to ensure the safety of your jewelry. Please see our delivery policy for more details.


Who pays for shipping insurance in a mixed situation?

All DC orders come with free Colissimo or FedEx shipping.

However, if the diamond or setting was not purchased from DC, the customer is charged for the insurance portion of the shipping cost for that diamond or setting.


How much does shipping to DC cost?

Shipping is free on all orders! In cases where shipping is the customer's responsibility, information about fees and other important matters can be found on our shipping policy page.


Policies and Warranties


How much does shipping to DC cost?


Shipping is free on all orders! In cases where shipping is the customer's responsibility, information about fees and other important matters can be found on our shipping policy page.

What is your privacy policy 

We care about protecting your privacy and sensitive information.

Please see our Privacy Policy page for more details.


Does DC compete with its prices?

DC pricing is designed to be very competitive.

Because we offer many benefits and assurances that others do not, sometimes a competitor will offer an item at a lower price.

Although we may not always be able to match this price point, we would like to tell you about it.

It's important to us that you judge our proposition in its entirety, including buy-back and re-buy back guarantees, a free service plan and 10-year warranty program, as well as our comprehensive gemological appraisals.

To learn more about our pricing philosophy and some of the credits we offer, please visit the DC Promotions page.


Can I exchange my DC pendant, bracelet or earrings?


The Diamond Contract only applies to diamonds provided by DC.

If your pendant or earrings contain D&C diamonds, they qualify. If ever the jewelry designs are not D&C, we will make you an offer for a buyout based on commodities.

For more details on our exchange and update, visit our Diamond Exchanges page.


Can I exchange or re-exchange a diamond that I purchased from you on an earlier date?


One of the great benefits of buying DC diamonds is that all in-house diamonds come with the industry's best 100% Lifetime Guarantee policy.

You can exchange your diamond at any time for a diamond of equal or greater value.

What is the DC Guarantee?

The DC Guarantee is a comprehensive set of insurance policies designed to give you complete confidence in your purchase.

It starts with quality control systems at all levels and a complete satisfaction policy through the full refund of the payment made.

It includes our promise that we only sell conflict-free diamonds. Every piece of jewelry we sell is also backed by a 10-year after-sales service policy.

For more details and additional information, please see our DC warranty page.

The DC Guarantee
How long is your warranty?

We guarantee our jewelry for 10 years from purchase.

Is cleaning under warranty?

You have the possibility to have your jewel cleaned every 2 years.

That is a total of 5 times during the warranty.

However, it is common for newly engaged couples to want their rings cleaned before the wedding. For this event we agree to send the jewel back to our workshop for a complete restoration.

What is the DC Guarantee?

The DC Guarantee is a comprehensive set of insurance policies designed to give you complete confidence in your purchase.

It starts with quality control systems at all levels and a complete satisfaction policy through the full refund of the payment made.

It includes our promise that we only sell conflict-free diamonds. Every piece of jewelry we sell is also backed by a 10-year after-sales service policy.

For more details and additional information, please see our DC warranty page.

If I lose a diamond, am I guaranteed?

All our floors are guaranteed.

DC does not warrant center diamonds in rings, solitaires, pendants or any other jewelry with a center stone.

Concerning the bracelets and diamond rivers, if it happens that the customer loses a stone, DC will replace it.

All transport costs of the jewel between the customer's home and DC will be the responsibility of the customer.

Do I have shipping charges on guaranteed products.

The guaranteed products are the full possession of the customer and Giamantetcarats cannot replace the customer.

The costs of sending and returning the jewel are entirely the responsibility of the customer. Unless otherwise agreed with DC.

I want to change the size of my ring but there is an engraving.

DC offers free engraving and resizing. However, it is impossible to resize without erasing the engraving. If you would like a re-engraving of the ring, you will be charged 70 euros.

Payments and order process
What are the different stages of an order and the realization of your jewel?

The different stages of manufacturing and creating a custom-made piece of DC jewelry.

What are the payment methods in installments?

We can accept payment in 4 monthly checks.

The first payment must be made when ordering, the following will be every 1 days. The 30 checks must be given to the orders and will be deposited on the dates.

If you have more questions, please contact us at 01 71 24 31 12.

During your payment, you have the option of paying by credit card in 3 or 4 instalments.

Do I have to pay in full when placing my order?

We must have the provision for the temporary detention of goods during the transfer of wire transfer or other arrangements.

We also have a flexible payment plan that provides payment over 90 days.

A customer service representative will be happy to answer such requests.

How to place my order?

We try to make it as easy as possible! You can order securely online, by using our CHAT function to communicate with a diamond consultant, by sending an email with the items you wish to order or by calling us toll free. If you live in the Paris region, you are cordially invited to visit our Showroom.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For purchases made in France, we accept Visa, American Express master card and checks.

For any purchase outside of France, we only accept payments made by bank transfer and credit cards.

What currency are your prices quoted in?

All prices are indicated in Euro.

How are duties and taxes such as VAT applied to international shipments?

The aspect of international shipping is the most difficult for customers to predict. The cost to taxes, duties or taxes levied by the tax authorities of the country where the customer receives the delivery. DC uses FedEx for our international deliveries outside of Europe, and FedEx acts as a broker for the customer providing all necessary documentation to customs officers in the destination country. For convenience, DC does its best to provide customers with good faith estimates based on information provided by FedEx and/or other sources. However, charges such as VAT and customs policies may change at any time, and in all cases, neither DC nor FedEx can be held to accurate knowledge. It is therefore the customer's responsibility to be aware of the charges and policies of their local customs office and to anticipate any charges that may be payable to complete delivery. DC provides free, insured and expedited FedEx shipping worldwide, but all applicable customs, taxes, and duties are the sole responsibility of the customer.

What forms or procedures are needed to process my order?

Because we process expensive items, for your protection there are sometimes security steps required to process your order. Depending on many different factors, you may need to email verification forms and in some cases we need to speak to you before placing your order. The process is usually very simple and worth the extra effort to make sure the transaction is secure.

Can I split the payment with two different credit cards?

YES, but you will need to contact us by phone, live chat, email or visit our showroom so that a consultant can process your order. * Please note that we cannot split between cards under the same name.

Can I split the payment between credit card and bank transfer?

YES, you will need to contact our services to organize the operation.

Does DC offer financing?

Most of our customers interested in financing use credit cards to make their purchase. However, our in-store customers can take advantage of our financing program which offers up to four months of interest-free financing. 30-day return privileges are valid for all diamonds and jewelry items in our catalog. The 30-day money-back guarantee begins on the day the order is placed and runs at the same time. Therefore, during the first 30 days of opening a purchase, you can cancel the order and receive a full refund of all funds paid. After 30 days, if you cancel the order, you will receive store credit for all monies paid. Your order will be returned to production once the regular third installment is received (normally at the 60 day point).

What are DC's delivery times?

We make every effort to return orders promptly, while exercising great care and attention to detail.

The delivery time is established according to the product and can be modified according to the time of year.

Our average lead time varies from 20 to 45 working days.

Depending on the category of the product, you will be confirmed the delivery time.

In case of emergency it is always possible to have our jewelry made in workshops dedicated to us.

If you have a special request, you can contact us and see if it is possible to deliver by express. We provide free Colissimo insured delivery with every new order.

Single diamonds, not mounted on jewelry

Diamonds "on paper" can usually be dispatched the same day if payment is received before noon.


For catalog items, we make every effort to meet the delivery times included in all of our product descriptions. However, due to seasonal fluctuations in demand or cyclical events, there are occasional delays. We will inform you as soon as possible of the expected delays on your order. Custom design projects are usually completed in approximately 20 business days. Due to the nature of this process, timelines cannot always be predicted with certainty. Please see our custom jewelry design page for more details.

Can I reserve a diamond before making a final decision?

Yes you can. We will be happy to reserve a diamond for 72 hours before you finalize your decision or make financial arrangements. Via chat, email or call, we will be happy to advise you.

Does VAT apply if I don't live in France?

What do the prices found on the site include?

The prices and taxes to be paid to Diamondsandcarats depend on the country of destination of the jewel that you have purchased from us.

Our prices displayed on Diamondsandcarats are calculated based on the country as well as the IP address of the device you are currently using.

If the product is to be delivered to a country other than the country of your device's IP address, you can use the VAT table in the upper right corner of the web page to change the VAT.

For customers in the EU

The prices (payable to Diamondsandcarats) will be increased with the appropriate VAT rate of France, which is 20%, is applicable.

For customers outside the EU

The prices payable to Diamondsandcarats remain exclusive of VAT. Thus, no VAT is applicable, but most countries apply a border tax and / or local taxes on delivery, which our customers must pay to the delivery courier. Diamondsandcarats offers information on local and national taxes

No other costs will be added to your invoice. Shipping, packaging and insurance are covered by Diamondsandcarats.

how to signify an order cancellation?

Any order cancellation must be notified to us by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Other topics of interest
Overview and Differences of Scoring Labs

Diamond grading may vary. Aside from carat weight (which is not subjective), the color and clarity qualities of a diamond differ depending on the standards and rigor of the lab performing the grading. To a lesser extent, qualities may even vary in laboratories.

Our partner laboratories are recognized as having very strict standards. Having labs all over the world, they share a similar reputation for grading standards. These labs adhere to the highest and most traditional standards for grading diamonds. Other major labs vary. In our experience, European Gemological Laboratories USA (EGL-USA) has higher standards than their other international locations (EGL-LABS). The most common grading service in the world is the International Gemological Institute (GIA). Many diamond sellers, including well-known chains, prefer to have their diamonds graded by GIA.

In a coherent way, all the laboratories collaborate with graduate Gemologists who adhere to all the standards chosen by this laboratory. When grading, inconsistencies can occur when a diamond is on the line between two grades. Each diamond is observed by multiple graders and the majority opinion is used to issue the final grades of color or clarity. The strictest labs are, as a rule, the most consistent.

Virtually all labs provide information on carat weight, color grades, clarity and finish (polish and symmetry) as well as girdle and culet measurements. The amount of information provided on the cut proportions of a round diamond varies greatly and some labs offer different in-house reports with varying amounts of information. Most labs, especially second and third tier labs, only provide depth and table percentages, sometimes supplemented with a crown and/or pinna height percentage. Fancy shapes typically include even less detail. This makes sense, since measurements are much less useful in predicting performance in shapes other than round.

The major labs that currently report all important measurements for round brilliants, including crown and pavilion angle averages, are IGI, HRD, and

GIA (although the GIA reports many measurements in rounded form).

There are small, independent boutique labs that provide far more information and reporting than their mainstream counterparts, including in-depth cut evaluation.

We will be better able to assess the rigor of the system once these diamonds begin to hit the market and reach the hands of independent appraisers and other experts able to give unbiased feedback.

Independent appraisers have their own standards for grading. Like labs, evaluators vary in rigor and consistency. To differentiate from the lab, it is not uncommon for an appraiser to perform a blind, color or clarity evaluation by grade (especially when the diamond is on the line between two grades). Mounted diamonds are particularly difficult to accept, so the norm for these differences may be two degrees. Some assessors maintain high standards, while others do not. Our partner labs have training programs and the most reputable assessors have completed courses with these organizations. Grading accuracy will never be 100% consistent as long as some items are subjective and graded by humans, but labs and evaluators that maintain high standards and disclose complete information also tend to have the most consistency and reputation. .

Is the weight of the diamonds guaranteed?
Is the guarantee on the weight of the diamonds effective?

As you can see, our jewels are particularly jeweled and with large caratages in diamonds and precious stones.

Each jewel is accompanied by a guarantee certificate and an attestation on the quality and weight of the precious stones.

We give ourselves the possibility of varying the weight of the stones by more or less 5%.

Jewelery return terms and conditions
What is your return policy ?

Our return policy lasts 14 days.

It is mandatory that within 7 days of receiving your jewel you notify us of your concern.

If 14 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can't offer you a refund or exchange for your purchase.

For your purchase to be eligible for a refund or exchange, your item must not have been used or worn (if your jewelry is engraved, a lump sum of 300 euros will be withheld).

The jewel must be returned to us in the same condition as you received it. It must also be in its original packaging.

Any transformation of the initial jewel, such as the modification of the body of the ring or other can lead to the refusal of return of your jewel.

What are the return conditions?

You must contact D&C to notify them of your return decision.

The jewelry must be returned in its original packaging and must not have been worn.

The jewel will be examined by our workshop to determine if it has been worn and DC reserves the right to refuse reimbursement for your jewel.

Damaged, soiled, deteriorated jewelry will not be refunded. Any deterioration, even minimal, will result in the rejection of the dispute.

After a first return there will be no second return.

A jewel that has undergone a 2nd resizing cannot be returned.

All documents and packaging must be returned.

Special products cannot be taken back or exchanged. Can only be returned catalog products.

The right of withdrawal
What are the rights of withdrawal?

The provisions of Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code grants you a period of fourteen (14) clear days from receipt of the products to exercise your right of withdrawal, without justification or penalties.

We will reimburse You no later than sixty (60) days following the date on which your right of withdrawal was exercised.

However, in accordance with the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to products made to order, i.e. all products offered by DC, with the exception of products in stock and not engraved.

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