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Wedding rings and half wedding rings Princesses

Couples choose a princess diamond wedding band for the straight shape of the diamonds that matches many finger shapes. Princess diamonds are cut so that the contours are straight.

Why choose a wedding ring with princess diamonds?

The wedding band with half-round princess diamonds has the advantage of having stones that fit over the entire space on the frame of the ring with square diamonds. Square-shaped gemstones have the advantage of being clearly visible on the entire face. After choosing the diamond shape of your half-turn princess wedding ring, all you have to do is choose the color of the gold between white, yellow, pink or pink palladium gold.

How to choose your diamond wedding ring?

There are several features to consider when choosing a women's diamond wedding band that will be worn for a lifetime.
Choose the design that will please your beloved and that she will not get tired of. The shape of the diamonds and the design of the gold wedding band are the two main decision factors for couples. Finally, the color of the gold is also important, we advise you to choose a diamond wedding ring that will match the skin tone of the bride.

The design of our wedding rings with princess diamonds

In our half-turn princess diamond wedding ring collection, you will find more or less thin ring widths. We leave you spoiled for choice so that you can find the perfect model for a unique wedding. The gemstones of diamond wedding bands for women are cut evenly so that they are well fixed on the setting of the wedding ring.   
The princess cut diamond of the wedding rings is carefully selected so that you can wear a brilliant wedding ring.

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