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Price of a diamond wedding ring

Learn more about the diamond wedding ring.

we are going to take you on an exciting journey through the history of diamond wedding rings. We will explore why these jewels are so coveted and how they have evolved over time to become the ultimate symbol of eternal love. From the meaning behind choosing a diamond, to the different shapes and styles available today, get ready to be inspired by everything we have to share about diamond wedding rings!

the price of one diamond wedding ring which is a symbol of love and fidelity that never goes out of style.

It is the eternal promise that two people will love and support each other for life.

It is often offered at the time of a marriage or a marriage proposal. This represents the promise to spend the rest of his life with his partner.

Diamonds, with their sparkle, symbolize the eternity and purity of this love.

Wearing a diamond wedding band is a personal choice that can also be influenced by cultural or religious reasons.

Some believe that the wedding ring must have at least one diamond to bring happiness and prosperity to the couple.

Differences between alliance and half alliance

When talking about diamond jewelry, it's easy to confuse a wedding band with a half wedding band. However, the difference between these two types of rings lies in the number of gemstones on their surface. 

Indeed, a diamond alliance is a ring entirely set with small sparkling stones all around the circle. While a half diamond wedding band only has gemstones on the top half of its path. 

This subtle difference can have a significant impact on the overall design of the jewelry as well as its final price. 

Wedding rings and half wedding rings are popular choices for engagement rings or as a gift to celebrate an important anniversary or a special occasion requiring an unforgettable present!

The price of alliances

The choice of the diamond wedding ring is an important decision for any couple who wishes to symbolize their commitment. The price of a diamond wedding ring depends on the number of stones used, but also on the weight, quality and style of the stones chosen. 

These factors have a significant impact on the final cost of the alliance. It should not be forgotten that the type of metal chosen for the manufacture of the ring is also an element to be taken into account in the calculation of the total budget. 

Either way, it's always a good idea to invest in that one-of-a-kind piece that will represent your indelible love down the years. 

The diamond wedding ring testifies to a lasting and strong commitment between two people who love each other deeply and therefore deserves our full attention when it comes to choosing the one that perfectly suits our most intimate aspirations.


Diamond wedding ring

What are the different types of diamond wedding rings that you offer?

Diamond quality

You recently purchased a diamond wedding ring from us and we would like to thank you for your trust.

It is important to take care of jewelry. Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve their beauty and shine.

We want to highlight our after-sales service. It offers solutions tailored to your maintenance and repair needs.

Maintenance of your wedding ring

Did you buy a wedding ring from us? Symbolizing your eternal love? Want it to shine brightly for years to come?

Or maybe you need repair after an unfortunate incident. Whatever the reason, our after-sales service is there to take care of your precious jewel. Find out why it is important to offer your wedding ring the necessary maintenance or repair with us in this article!

How can I choose the best wedding ring that suits my budget?

At DCgemmes, we offer a wide selection of diamond wedding rings for all budgets. You will find wedding bands for every budget, from the most affordable wedding band to the most elegant luxurious wedding band. 

To narrow your selection, use the search filter by price and easily determine which alliance best suits your budget.

What you should know about diamond wedding rings and half wedding rings

Diamond wedding rings and Diamond half wedding rings are a centerpiece of the wedding ceremony. The couple particularly choose them months before the big day. Simple or original, it is possible for you to make the ring to your liking and which will seal your love.

The budget is an important criterion when it comes to alliances. The gold weight and carat weight of the wedding ring affect the price of the jewelry. You should define your budget before choosing your model. In full turn or turn around, many models are available:

Full turns

Fine diamond wedding band set with micro small diamonds

Why not turn to tradition to buy your wedding ring? Essential piece of jewelery with the engagement ring, it is often chosen to celebrate your love. Classic styles have proven themselves.

The fine micro diamond women's wedding ring is set with diamonds all around. With its delicate and dazzling appearance, this wedding ring for women will remain a classic. You can choose the setting of the diamond alliance ring in white gold, yellow gold or 18 carat pink gold.

Diamond wedding rings in general

 Our collection of wedding rings for women in diamonds symbolizes true romance and the union between two people. Carefully designed with an unparalleled design, the women's diamond wedding ring is available in several models. Choose a simple or classic diamond wedding band. Or, add charm to your wedding band by opting for a wedding band adorned with diamonds.

Each of our models is available in white, yellow, pink or platinum gold. We offer custom design service for special requests. We will work with you to create stunning designs. We will take into account your ideas and your budget.

Find the wedding band of your dreams in our collection. We offer round diamond, baguette and 3 or 9 diamond wedding rings. 

3 row diamond wedding ring

Classic wedding ring with different shapes of diamonds

Diamond wedding rings are defined by their simplicity. They are called "classic" because their design is simple and clean, accompanied by a diamond cut.

Our wedding rings are set with diamonds. These diamonds can be round or princess cut. They are mounted on 18 carat gold, white, pink or yellow.

You can choose a half wedding ring inlaid with 15 diamonds round. It can be set with a bar between 2 diamonds or set with two claws between 2 diamonds.

There is also a rail-set or prong-set diamond half wedding band, which are exceptional. With our range of collections, opt for the number of diamonds and the choice of gold. Customizing the classic diamond wedding ring is also available.

Wedding ring full set of diamonds

Looking for a full turn diamond wedding band, we have many styles. Our models of alliances can be simple or more original with set diamonds.

Choose models with princess-cut diamonds set all around. Or opt for round brilliant cut diamonds. Choose from a variety of mounts: claws, on rails, crimped by 2 gold bars or by 2 claws.

Our full circle diamond wedding rings are available in different precious metals. These metals include white gold, yellow gold, and 18k rose gold. Each model is spectacular in its brilliance and sparkle. Choose from our wide collection of wedding rings and in addition it is possible to personalize your full circle diamond wedding ring.

Stitched diamond wedding ring

 Reflecting all the grace and sophistication of the world of jewelry, the Couture collection brings a touch of modernity to diamond wedding rings. Couture wedding bands are handcrafted and are perfect for women who love chunky rings. A ribbon of round diamonds envelops the ring with delicacy. This harmony makes the ring unique and original.

But it is also possible to choose a couture alliance set with 2 rows or set with 4 rows of diamonds. The choice is varied. We offer an original alliance with three rows of diamonds set on a rounded bangle. This alliance is part of our collection.

We have different models of diamond wedding rings. These models include size marquise, oval cut et emerald cut. You can choose diamonds of different sizes.

Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to offer you a luxurious half wedding ring that meets your expectations. Our elegant half wedding rings are set in a precious metal of your choice.

Go for white, yellow, rose or platinum gold. Handmade in our workshop, each diamond wedding ring is made with care.

Our jewels require 6 weeks to be designed. The marriage proposal is a unique event. We want it to be memorable.

This is why we deliver a quality piece of jewelry to you. We meet your expectations. The customization of each alliance is possible so the choice is yours!

The different golds for diamond wedding rings

The yellow gold diamond wedding ring is the most classic of all. It continues to be claimed by male customers as the men's wedding ring par excellence.

The white gold wedding band is currently the most requested by female customers. This is due to the fact that diamond rings are mostly sold in white gold. It goes without saying that the white gold alliance is also very successful.

Rose gold also has its followers among those with dark skin. She is very beautiful on tanned skin. The pink gold diamond wedding ring is very successful in southern countries.

 Diamond wedding rings to suit you

DC offers a wide selection of engagement jewelry, wedding bands and earrings. Our collection includes diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald models. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to chat online with our advisors. All our rings can be made to your liking, you can choose the metal and the stone that will adorn your jewel yourself.

We then manufacture it especially for you in our workshop in Paris in the Marais district. Our workshop is located at 13 rue Portefoin, next to our premises. We assure you the best manufacturing times for your engagement ring.

Price transparency

We display on the product pages a detailed price list of our products. This allows you to compare our quality and our prices to the competition.

DCGemmas fee schedules

Lifetime warranty

You purchased a diamond wedding ring. It cost you dearly. But you don't know how to maintain it? Or repair it if necessary?

Don't worry ! We have the perfect solution for your jewelry. Our after-sales service specializes in the maintenance and repair of diamond wedding rings.

Your jewel will always shine with a thousand lights. Treat yourself to this peace of mind and let us take care of your precious jewel so that it remains beautiful forever. Discover all that we can do for you in this captivating article!

DC, jeweler in Paris

With its charming streets and romantic atmosphere, Paris is the undisputed capital of luxury and fashion. 

It is here that the world's leading jewelers and jewelers have established their workshops, each rivaling in terms of elegance and sophistication. 

Among them is DCGemmes, an online jewelry store specializing in the creation of high-end diamond wedding rings. Their showroom located at 13 rue Portefoin in Paris (75003) invites you to discover their exclusive collection of engagement rings as well as their tailor-made creations for your wedding.

 Workshops are also close by, allowing clients to be involved in the creative process from the start to the final completion. 

Located in the heart of the Marais, this luxurious boutique will be a must stop for those looking for exceptional diamond wedding bands or solitaire rings with a unique design that are sure to impress anyone who sees them worn proudly on your delicate fingers. 

Come to DCGemmes to find the most beautiful diamond rings in Paris!

The website of DC, jewelry store in Paris

The DC website guarantees you a unique experience. We specialize in diamond engagement rings in Paris. We offer a wide variety of models, including round diamonds, princesses, cushions, hearts et emeralds. You have the privilege of freely choosing the color and clarity of the diamonds.

You have the choice between different types of engagement rings: - In yellow gold - In white gold - In pink gold - In platinum. You can also discover the world of jewelry thanks to our files.

Live chat online, Parisian jeweler

At DCGemmes, we pride ourselves on providing you with exceptional customer service. Get in direct contact with our DC advisors who guide and advise you as if you were in our showroom in Paris. 

Do you have any questions about diamond wedding rings or diamond half wedding rings? Carefree ! Our experts are there to answer them in complete confidentiality. They will be happy to accompany your purchase of an engagement ring or diamond alliance. 

Thanks to the specialized chat, all your questions will quickly find a personalized answer. And if that's not enough, make an appointment in our Paris showroom to meet our jewelry experts and discover all our sparkling jewelry. 

At DCGemmes, we understand that buying a diamond wedding band is an important and personal decision - that's why we do everything we can to meet your specific needs with confidence and absolute professionalism!


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