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Couture Engagement Rings

From €2.835,00 €2.494,80
From €2.835,00 €2.494,80
From €2.835,00 €2.494,80

The couture ring

Very luxurious and of a unique finesse, the couture collection is characterized by its rather complex design and its very original stone settings. Sparkling with sparkles and shine, it is positioned as the engagement ring ultimate.

Usually set with a large number of diamonds or other precious stones, the couture ring reflects unparalleled luxury and charm, the ideal gift for your sweetheart.

Which couture engagement ring to choose?

A true piece of high jewelry, the couture ring is distinguished by its original shapes and elegant curves with a very captivating appearance. If you want to surprise your future half, then this is the ring par excellence to offer as engagement ring.

The diamond is the traditional stone to adorn an engagement ring because it is a jewel of exceptional rarity but above all, it appeals to all women. Whether for a simple solitaire or a couture ring, the diamond remains the stone to favor. This gem can come in various shapes and sizes to suit individual tastes and style.

You will find rings adorned with a imposing central diamond, surrounded by 6 marquises also in diamond, thus creating a magnificent rosette captivating with radiance. But the charm of the ring does not end there. The ring is delicately curved and set with small round diamonds, which further sublimates the final rendering of the ring.

Other couture rings are of a more simple and meticulous design. You will find models with an imposing central 1,3 carat diamond, adorning a rose gold ring delicately set with round pavé diamonds.

For a unique and more original engagement ring, you can turn to other precious stones, just as captivating as diamonds (ruby, emerald, sapphire). Opt for example for a ring adorned with a quality cushion-cut sapphire, surrounded on each side by oval diamonds, marquise and pears thus forming delicate wings around the central jewel. The effect is one of a kind and reflects a very seductive poetic style.

What style for a couture ring?

Exceptionally brilliant, a couture diamond ring will certainly not go unnoticed. But that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to parties and special occasions to wear it. You just have to choose the style that suits you and reflects your personality.

Classic couture rings are often set with round diamonds. But afterwards, it is the design of the jewel that will determine its final look. The ring of the ring can take different shapes, curves, spirals or even geometric shapes. Depending on the shape and the arrangement of the precious stones, we will obtain very specific styles.

For a more modern look, gemstones are usually cut in emerald or marquise cut. Their very symmetrical contours give a very elegant refined note. On the other hand, for a more glamorous chic style, the ring will take more fluid and curved shapes, giving the jewel a certain life.

For a sober style, then the ring will be simpler, without too many complexities, with precious stones carefully arranged. And if you are looking for a slightly bohemian look, just go for the colors by opting for a couture ring combining diamonds with other colored precious or semi-precious stones. The effect will only be very original with a subtle hint of romanticism.

How to wear a couture ring?

If your couture ring is an engagement ring, it goes without saying that you will wear it on your left directory. If it is of a fairly simple style, you could very well associate it with your wedding ring.  

The couture ring can be worn to a party, to a ceremony or it can be worn every day of the week. To do this, you are free to choose the finger on which to put it on. However, the thumb would be a very poor choice and spoil all the charm of this ring. The same is to be noted for the index.

It is quite possible to associate a couture ring with other jewelry, rings, a pendant to  diamond earrings. However, care must be taken to harmonize styles and colors. If rose gold or white gold can be paired with platinum or silver, it would be very bad taste to wear a couture ring in yellow gold accompanied by silver jewelry (platinum or silver).

What metal for a couture ring?

gold Pink is the most used metal for a couture ring. With a subtle pink undertone, this material brings a touch of elegance and softness to the jewel, thus multiplying its appeal. However, it is quite possible to opt for other metals.

Le platinum remains the most expensive. Pure silver, it adds sobriety to the whole and highlights the sparkle of diamonds and precious stones much more. White gold, although it is slightly brighter, produces an identical effect. It is also highly coveted for engagement rings. For rings of a more modern style, it is customary to associate gold White so yellow of 18 carats.

Money is the cheapest of all. It does not in any way detract from the charm of the jewel and allows you to obtain magnificent couture rings at more affordable prices. As for yellow gold, it makes it possible to produce delicate rings in a vintage chic style. Without it, it is rarely used for seam rings.

How to choose a couture ring?

As with any other piece of jewelry, the most important thing is to choose the ring that represents you. A piece of jewelry reflects the personality of the person who wears it. So opt for a ring that is in harmony with your style, your personality and your aspirations.

Then comes the question of the gemstone. Here too, trust your instincts to find the one you really like. When doing your research, remember to stick to your budget. The prices for a couture ring can vary considerably from one model to another. And if you have any questions, reach out to our DC Message Center, or visit our showroom Paris.

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