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Diamond earrings

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Natural diamond earrings

Maison DC has a large selection of earrings: studs ou pending. You can choose to have them set according to your wishes with diamonds or colored stones such as emeralds, rubies, aquamarines or even sapphires which can be blue, pink, white or yellow. You will be wearing a piece of jewelry that truly reflects your personality.

A wide choice of earrings is offered to you from the simplest to the most elaborate. Round, cushion, princess ou oval, you have the choice in the shapes of stones which will sublimate your earrings. Regarding the material you can choose between gold White, yellow, Pink or palladium of 18 carats.

A woman can wear the earring on its own or accompany it with a complete set of jewelry. One men he will generally prefer to wear a chip set with a black Diamond.

Why choosing studs?

You can also acquire for more elaborate models, with a diamond halo set around the central stone. This setting gives an extremely luxurious appearance to the jewel. It gives an extra sparkle to the pair with a diamond in its center, a ruby or then a sapphir, according to your preferences. Very colorful, our fancy chip models add cheerfulness to your look of the day. Available in Oval shape, square ou round, these models are ideal if you have a small head posture. This model is very often prized by brides on their big day. The earring brings an additional touch of color to the all-white wedding outfit.

Why chosing diamond studs ?

If you like simplicity, then diamond stud earrings are for you. They add a discreet but infinitely elegant touch of sparkle to your ear. Square or round, the diamond can be set between 4 claws or then in closed. This pair of earrings gives a discreet charm to your ear and can be worn for any occasion. It is a choice generally made to celebrate an anniversary. Diamond chips, which with us are natural, bring light to the face that wears it.  

Why prefering dangling earrings?

If you have a tall head posture, you may choose to wear dangling earrings, adorning your neck with drop diamonds or gemstones. One or two stones can be set on a loop. It's up to you to decide which one will suit you best from our selection of precious stones, all meeting high quality criteria. Made in the heart of our Parisian workshop, our earrings are designed according to your wishes. Not only the choice of the quality and the color of the stone is up to you, but also its shape. Round, pear, oval or princess, choose the stone cut that will perfectly match the shape of your face and your skin color.

All of our earrings come with alpa type ties, guaranteeing excellent attachment to your ears, without the risk of losing them.


Our gemstone earrings

Sumptuously set with precious stones or discreet and delicately adorned with diamonds, fine stone earrings are an asset of femininity. They bring an exceptional radiance to your face and subtly highlight your charm and your natural elegance.

Whether it's dangling earrings or chips, the choice is immense. You have the choice between earrings in diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. They can be in white, yellow or pink gold, platinum or even silver. Buckles with semi-precious stones are also available. DC opens the doors to you on its splendid collection of precious stone earrings!

Diamond stud earrings

Thin and very elegant, the diamond chips for women will discreetly sparkle in your ear and bring a very charming luminous note to your face. It is the jewel to favor if you want to display a simple but dressy style.

Diamond chips go perfectly with any look and can be worn for any occasion. Giving diamond chips is also an excellent gift idea, for a wedding anniversary for example or Valentine's Day.

The fancy studs in precious stones

Do you want to stand out? Change up your style a bit and add a touch of color to your outfit? So go for the fancy gemstone chips. Very elegant, these earrings are set with a delicately cut stone, a pink sapphire or a blue sapphire, a ruby ​​or an emerald.

The central stone can have different sizes: the round, classic and timeless, oval, cushion, pear or marquise shapes. The gemstone is set with a whole halo of diamonds, creating a very glamorous and seductive effect. The setting is made in such a way as to obtain various designs: round, square or even rosette-shaped chips.

For more whimsy and originality, DC offers diamond and gemstone earrings in the shape of hearts, four- and three-leaf clovers, or simple circles. Combine them with a pretty gemstone pendant and your outfit will be complete. For the choice of precious metal, you can opt for platinum, yellow gold, pink or 18-carat white gold.

Dangling gemstone earrings

Do you have a thin neck and a high head posture? So opt for dangling earrings, set with diamonds or precious stones. These will bring delicacy and feminine elegance to your look.

Our jewelers offer you a wide range of fine stone pendants. You can opt for luxuriously crafted curls, rich in diamonds. For example, a river of diamonds that will grace your neck. Or, opt for simpler earrings, with patterns delicately set with precious stones (sapphire, emerald or ruby). For religious events, you have the more whimsical dangling earrings in the shape of a cross, also set with diamonds.  

How to choose earrings?

The choice of diamond or gemstone earrings will primarily be based on your tastes and preferences. The main goal is to enhance your style, so you will have to choose the pair of curls that exactly match your personality.

Subsequently, it would be more judicious to take into account the following elements:

  • The clasp of the earring: for hanging earrings, the hook that closes is recommended because it is safer, especially if you have long hair; for studs, push back posts are the most popular;
  • The metal of the earrings : gold, silver or platinum? Choose according to your preferences but also according to your style and your skin color;
  • The precious stone: the size, the transparency as well as the brilliance vary from one stone to another and the effect obtained will not be the same; this point should therefore be considered when making your choice;
  • The length of the earrings: the length of the ear pendants will depend on the morphology of your face as well as the length of your neck.

How to wear gemstone earrings with class?

To highlight your pair of gemstone earrings and enhance the beauty of your face, it is important to refer to some fashion tips.

Thus, for long and angular faces, we recommend round curls in order to soften the features and bring more volume. For those with round faces, dangling earrings suit them perfectly. They allow to elegantly refine the features while enhancing the character of the person.

For oval faces, all shapes are allowed. You just have to be careful not to choose curls that are too long if you have a short neck or a heart-shaped face.

Regarding skin tones, precious stones with sober and light shades are most often associated with fair complexions. For tanned or dark skin, we prefer curls with warmer nuances, in this case ruby ​​or emerald highlighted with gold.

Wear your earrings in style

For going to work, gemstone earrings of geometric shapes are more suitable. They give an effect of will and self-confidence, very beneficial for business women.

For a more urban style, opt for much more whimsical curls, in ruby ​​or emerald. If you have a date, then diamond chips are quite suitable.

Over a simple outfit, sophisticated diamond earrings are admirably appropriate as they break up that monotony by adding a hint of whimsy. On the contrary, if your look is more eccentric, then opt for discreet earrings to avoid the mixture of tones.


In this article, it will be about determining the perfect size of diamond earrings to highlight its beauty. Addressing the various existing sizes, light will be shed on the ideal proportion, an element often overlooked but of crucial importance. But what really determines the perfect size? And how can we associate this size with the ideal proportion? Answering these questions, a conclusion will summarize these key points, offering a practical guide to making this delicate choice. Among the many factors to consider when purchasing diamond earrings, these all-important aspects should not be overlooked. So, continue this informative read for valuable tips.

In this section:

1/ How to choose the perfect size for your diamond earrings

The size of diamond earrings is a crucial question that determines the appeal and impact of this accessory. There are multiple criteria to take into account: facial morphologypersonal style et the occasion for which they will be worn.

Facial morphology

The first criterion to consider is the shape of the face. Round faces benefit from long, dangling diamond earrings that create an illusion of slenderness. If your face is oval, any size and shape of diamond will pair perfectly. For heart-shaped faces, opt for diamond earrings that are slightly rounded at the bottom to balance the width of the temples. For a square face, soft shapes with curves, such as round or oval cut diamonds, soften the features.

Personal Style

Expressing your personal style is an essential notion in choosing the size of diamond earrings. If you have a classic style, discreet earrings or modest-sized diamonds will appeal to your taste. For those with a bold style, earrings with large diamonds will surely capture attention.


Next, the occasion for which the earrings will be worn is also to be considered. For formal situations, chandelier diamond earrings or dangling diamonds are ideal. For everyday wear or a casual setting, princess cut diamonds or statement earrings often do the trick. So, keeping these criteria in mind, you can choose the ideal size for your diamond earrings.

2/ The different sizes of diamond earrings

Diamond miniatures

Have you ever considered the subtle elegance that small diamond earrings bring? These small pieces of jewelry, often less than a centimeter in diameter, are discreet but shine brightly thanks to the quality of their precious stone. They are the ideal choice for everyday wear or with an outfit already strongly imbued with exuberance. Their reduced size allows a subtle enhancement of the head carriage without stealing the spotlight from your overall appearance.

    • Assured Discretion

    • Shine in all circumstances

    • Adapted for a Daily use

  • Subtlety and refinement

Medium-sized gems: a classic to revisit

Now let's move on to the second type of diamond earrings: medium-sized ones. Usually, their size ranges between one and two centimeters. This category remains timeless and versatile. They embody a sought-after compromise between discretion and presence, offering a balance between the elegance of small curls and the prestige of large ones. Perfect for special occasions or semi-formal events, these designs are sure to attract attention.

Large curls: audacity made of diamond

Finally, we come to the large diamond earrings, often more than two centimeters. They are, without doubt, the ultimate expression of prestige and brilliance. These works of art, designed to be seen and admired, add a royal touch to any outfit. They are the perfect choice to mark special occasions with a commanding appearance. However, it is crucial to balance their presence with the rest of your outfit, so as not to go overboard.

3/ The ideal proportion of diamond earrings

The elegance of your diamond earrings is intrinsically linked to their proportion to certain features of your appearance. Here are three criteria on which to base yourself to make a wise choice.

The proportion according to the shape of the face

To harmonize your earrings with the shape of your face, opt for an inverted shape. For an oval face, choose wider models which will give balance. Square faces go perfectly with a pair of round curls to soften the features. As for round faces, a pair of long, rectangular diamond earrings will offer them a nice balance.

The proportion according to the size of the ears

Considering the size of your ears may seem trivial, yet it contributes greatly to the overall impression. For small or medium ears, delicate diamond earrings are the ideal. They avoid overloading and highlight your body shape. For larger ears, do not hesitate to turn to more imposing models who will marry perfectly.

The proportion according to the length of the hair

The length of your hair also affects the perception of your earrings. For short hair, earrings are directly visible and must therefore be selected carefully. More discreet models will fit very well. For long hair, very often, the choice of hanging curls is optimal, because they will manage to stand out even in the thickness of the hair.

By taking these three criteria into account, the choice of diamond earrings can be made with much more confidence and satisfaction.

4 / Conclusions

Return to the choice parameters

What is the key to selecting the ideal diamond earring size? The answer lies in the tips we have previously related. A first crucial point is the recognition ofimpact of your facial morphology. This is because your features play a significant role in how an earring fits. Furthermore, theimportance of combining these jewelry with your wardrobe cannot be put aside. A successful match with your fashion style is paramount.

Taking into account multiple criteria

Let's not forget that the choice of earring size, although often guided by personal preferences, must take into account several factors. Facial morphology, clothing style, skin and hair color are so many elements to consider. Likewise, how often you wear jewelry, the occasion for which you wear it, and your personal comfort, are criteria too important to leave out.

The need for professional advice

Finally, it is worth noting the positive influence that a jewelry professional can have. Their expertise and knowledge on the subject can validate your choices or even help you redefine your preferences. Expert insight can enrich your shopping experience and ensure that you choose the best diamond earrings which not only match your specific tastes, but also your unique beauty.

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