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Diamond color

Even more than clarity, a diamond's color is also considered when evaluating a diamond's 4Cs. We explain why.

The color of a diamond

Diamonds are known to be colorless or transparent. However, this precious stone comes in a range of shades and colors, ranging from light yellow to blue and even red. These colored diamonds are known as “Fancy diamonds”.

According to the scale set up by the GIA, the more a diamond is colorless, the more it will increase in value. Thus, transparent stones are the most sought after because they are rarer. This color measurement is graduated on a scale from D to Z. Here's how:

  • Colorless: color from D to F of an exceptional white, these are the most transparent and the most valuable, the most popular are the "River" and the "Top Wesselton",
  • Near colorless: for diamonds ranging from G to J and whose colors are between extra white and nuanced white,
  • Faint yellow: from K to M, these diamonds are slightly shaded with yellow,
  • Very light yellow: a color from N to R, the stones have a tinted color,
  • Light yellow: from S to Z, much more tinted, these diamonds are the least coveted and are sold at a low price.

The diamond of a Z color are almost yellow and of lesser quality. Note that the differences in shade are very difficult to highlight, only a professional can tell the difference between a D diamond and an E diamond.

At DC jewellers, the color of the diamonds is always mentioned in order to inform you about the quality and rarity of the diamond you wish to acquire.

colored diamonds

Beyond the Z color, the diamonds are said to be Fancy colors and present colored nuances. Thus, there are red diamonds, pink and blue diamonds, green and orange stones, yellow and white diamonds, yellow precious stones, black diamonds (coveted by men) as well as brown diamonds.
These colored gemstones are not graded on the same scale as a transparent diamond. They are grouped into 4 categories according to their color and price:

  • Fancy Vivid (very vivid stones),
  • Fancy intense (intense coloring),
  • fancy,
  • Light (very light color almost transparent).

The fluorescence of a diamond

This characteristic is often associated with the color of the diamond. It can only be highlighted in contact with ultraviolet light. The stone will then emit blue radiation. For a diamond, fluorescence is an index of value because it improves its brilliance and brilliance, especially if the stone is mounted on a setting.

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