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Diamond cut

The size is a determining element in the choice of a diamond because it is this point which will determine the quality of the precious stone. A well-cut diamond will reflect light better and shine brightly.

The size of a diamond or Cut of the stone

The cut of a diamond or any other gemstone is highly dependent on the skill of the jeweler. Indeed, this crucial step requires great skill and meticulousness that can only be found among experienced gemologists. It is this step that makes it possible to multiply the brilliance of the diamond and to obtain visual effects that are as dazzling as they are seductive.

The cut of a diamond will naturally decrease its weight which means that a bad cut will maximize the size of the stone but without highlighting its brilliance. We therefore understand that a diamond of a small carat is often more expensive than a diamond of a higher weight if the latter has not been well cut.

A well-cut diamond will be evaluated on the criteria below:

  • the polish,
  • The symmetry,
  • The final proportions

    The 4 key steps in cutting a diamond

    The rough diamond will go through 4 key stages before reaching its final shape. The first thing when cutting is to carefully examine the gem to determine the proper shape that will result in a quality diamond with minimal waste.

    Thereafter, the tailor will begin the steps below:

    • The cleavage of the diamond: the precious stone will be split through a small notch, after which the cutter will eliminate all possible impurities and inclusions;
    • Sawing: the rough diamond will be cut into several parts;
    • Grinding the diamond: during this stage, the cutter will give the diamond its rounded shape by using another diamond which will be rubbed against the rough stone;
    • Faceting or polishing: the diamond will be polished and faceted, it is the arrangement of these facets that will give the stone its brilliance and final brilliance.

    In the end, we will obtain a diamond of different shapes: round diamond, emerald, cushion, princess, oval, pear or heart-shaped.

    The qualities of a diamond cut

    The primary purpose of cutting is to optimize the proportions of the diamond so as to maximize its brilliance. He will also have to ensure the quality of the polishing and the good symmetry of the stone. These elements taken as a whole will make it possible to evaluate the diamond according to this scale:

    • Excellent (excellent): quite rare and reflect almost all the light,
    • Very good (very good): of a quality slightly lower than excellent,
    • Bon (good): partially reflect the light but remain acceptable,
    • Medium (fair): reflect only a small part of the light,
    • Bad (poor): these are poorly cut diamonds sold at low prices.

    The most perfect and sought-after size is the so-called “Hearts & Arrows” size. It reflects the light very well and creates subtle plays of light in the shape of hearts and arrows.

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