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Engagement Rings Trilogies

The trilogy ring

A great classic in jewelry, the trilogy ring has preserved all of its charm and appeal. Set with 3 precious stones, often diamonds, associated with a noble metal such as gold, platinum or silver, it is a ring that sublimates the eyes with its simplicity, its finesse and its brilliance.

Very popular, the trilogy ring is highly coveted by the bride and groom when requesting an engagement. This by the symbolism of its three precious stones which translate an immortal and invincible love.

What is a trilogy ring?

The trilogy ring is characterized by its three diamonds (or other precious stones) set on a gold ring yellow, Golden White, in money or platinum. Generally, the 3 precious stones are of the same size to create a very harmonious “river of diamonds” effect. This does not prevent finding trilogy rings whose stones are of different sizes, the one in the middle being larger and framed by two smaller diamonds. In this way, the central stone is delicately highlighted.

The diamonds and precious stones of this jewel are often set between rings or held by claws. In some more modern and whimsical designs, the three stones are set in curved or twisted rings, thus creating a very delicate aerial style.

Although the diamonds in the trilogy ring are traditionally cut to round, there are more original models whose precious stones are cut in princess, cushion or emerald.

What is the significance of a trilogy ring?

The three stones of the trilogy ring convey a strong symbolism and can have various meanings. Interpretations vary, but for many, these gemstones refer to the past, present and future. This is what explains why this ring is very coveted by couples. On some models, the middle diamond, representing the present, is larger to signify the importance of enjoying the present moment with those you love.

For others, the symbolism is more spiritual and designates man, heaven and earth. They can also mean trust, loyalty and respect, the 3 main pillars on which any relationship is based.

An emerald trilogy ring will symbolize loyalty, with the emerald being the jewel of loyalty and loyalty. A sapphire trilogy ring will be the symbol of truth, one of the bases of a good life as a couple. As for the ruby ​​trilogy ring, it is a symbol of passion. If you passionately love your other half, then ruby ​​will be quite suitable as engagement ring.

A trilogy engagement ring.

Although the diamond solitaire comes first as an engagement ring, the diamond trilogy ring is also highly coveted and adapts perfectly to immortalize that precious moment when two souls come together for life.

The diamond being a very hard stone, it is a symbol of purity and immortality. Highly regarded by women, this gem adds a subtle and sparkling sparkle to the jewelry it adorns. Your trilogy engagement ring will shine with a thousand lights and will undoubtedly delight the heart of your loved one.

The ring can be made of three diamonds or, of a single one in the center surrounded by two precious stones, the sapphir, ruby ​​or emerald for example. The effect will be even more original and the symbolism of the jewel more profound. The sizes and the carat of the stones can vary, creating quite poetic harmonious effects, like lovers.

When to give a trilogy ring?

The trilogy ring is constantly reinventing itself, offering a wide range of styles, designs and colors. It therefore lends itself perfectly for all occasions. Give this ring an elegant gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary or for the birthday of your beloved. Thanks to its strong symbolism, you will be assured that your darling will be touched and will keep it forever as his favorite jewel.

A trilogy ring, in a simpler design and set with semi-precious stones, is also suitable as a gift for a young girl. You can very well offer it to your daughter or your granddaughter for Christmas or to congratulate her on having obtained her Bac, her license or her master's degree. And then there will never be enough opportunities to give gifts! Do you want to express your love to someone dear to you? Go ahead and give her a trilogy ring.

When to wear a trilogy ring?

The simplicity and finesse of the trilogy ring means that it adapts to all styles and all tastes. Set with diamonds, it is the ultimate engagement ring. Otherwise, it can very well be worn in the company of an adornment, a river of diamonds or to enhance the charm of a pendant. It combines harmoniously with all types of alliances. Worn at a party or ceremony, this ring will make a splash. 

A trilogy ring with small gemstones can be easily worn every day, to adorn your outfit for example. The great possibilities of colors and shapes make it possible to constitute harmonious sets, matched to your tastes and your clothes.

If a sapphire trilogy ring is much more sober, on the other hand, a ruby ​​or colored semi-precious stone ring will print a slightly bohemian and romantic air.

Is the trilogy ring more expensive than the diamond solitaire ring?

The value of a diamond ring is assessed based on the carat of the stone. If your trilogy ring is set with a large diamond and two other stones of a smaller carat, then the price will be significantly lower.

Likewise, if you opt for a solitaire with a single diamond of 3 carats, then its price will be higher than that of a ring set with 3 diamonds of 0,75 carats each. To this, we add the metal in which the ring of the jewel is made and which influences the price of the ring.

Thus, it is quite possible to control your budget to buy a magnificent trilogy ring in jewelry without paying too much.

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