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Diamonds guide

With our many years of experience in the world of jewelry and diamonds, DC's gemologists are keen to provide you with the information you need to help you choose your jewel.
The manufacture of your jewel is made to measure by hand in our workshops run by qualified craftsmen.
All our diamonds are natural and come from international stock exchanges located all over the world, our jewelry is made of 18k gold or 999/1000e platinum.

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The 4Cs of a diamond

Each diamond is different and has its own identity, which makes your stone unique. This is defined by 4 distinct characteristics: color, purity, size and carat weight. Before even buying a diamond or a diamond jewel, an engagement ring for example, it is essential to find out about its quality and value. For this, we refer to the 4Cs of a diamond, which is an international scale for estimating the value of any diamond. The 4Cs of a diamond refer to Carat (weight), Clarity (purity), Color (color) and Cut (Size).
This scale applies to all diamonds and is used by diamond dealers and gemologists to compare the quality of the gemstone and set their price.

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Present in the heart of the Marais in Paris, a historic place in the world of French jewelry, we offer our expertise with passion.
We are able to manufacture any type of jewelry, whether it is jewelry that comes out of your imagination or jewelry that you have seen on a famous model or in a television series. Today 3D allows us to manufacture exceptional models at unbeatable prices.

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Manufacturing process

Each step necessary for the design of your jewel is carried out by our craftsmen in order to respond precisely to your choice. From the modeling of your jewel to the engraving, we carry out in the heart of our workshops each stage of its manufacture with meticulousness. Each jewel is unique and has its specificity, each manufacturing detail is taken into account by our teams to bring out the best in your jewel.
Our efficient quality control is present to assess the multiple points of technical detail of the jewel.

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Certification / Transparency

The stones chosen to set your jewelry meet the transparency criteria in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the field. We certify the quality of our stones with certificates issued by recognized laboratories. The internationally recognized laboratories are the American laboratory GIA whose head office is in California and the Belgian laboratory named HRD whose head office is in Antwerp in the diamond district.

Types of
Precious stones

Diamonds by trade for several years, we also offer a wide choice of precious and semi-precious stones to meet your desires. The jewel will be set with the stone you have chosen to match your style.
We have a wide variety of diamonds and gemstones visible in our showroom, we can show you the different colors or color intensity as well as the impurities in the diamonds or gemstones.

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