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Men's bracelets

Men's bracelets, a very trendy jewel

 Men's bracelets are a very trendy fashion accessory. By matching his men's bracelet with his outfit and his style, it becomes possible to wear this jewel on all occasions, for a wedding, a birthday or simply for every day.

Men's bracelet set with diamonds, men's curb chain, leather bracelet or a simple men's bracelet in engraved bangle, there is something for all styles and all tastes. There are even sportswear bracelets for men, suitable for exercising. Giving a man bracelet is also a great gift idea to give to your spouse or friend.

The men's marine anchor bracelet, original and classy

Le mens marine anchor bracelet is a very trendy model of male jewelry. IT is Chic and casual, this bracelet adapts to all ages and all styles. You have all the possibilities to associate it with an evening outfit, which will print a very classy and stylish adventurer look. You can associate it with a city outfit, we obtain a style that is both classy and relaxed.

A sailor bracelet is the sought-after model for the summer with its design reminiscent of the sea and the holidays. IT has a leather strap, finely braided and connected to a marine anchor in precious metal, it displays a very great originality and is suitable for lovers of the sea as well as for people looking for originality. The anchor of the jewel can be in yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, silver or platinum.

You can choose men's leather bracelet, chic and retro

For a retro and Rock'n Roll style, the mens leather bracelet is the perfect choice. With a timeless charm, leather is a precious material that never goes out of fashion. It is therefore possible to wear this bracelet for any occasion (ceremony or evening with friends), which will add a hint of mystery and confidence to the outfit of the wearer. Leather jewelry will bring out a man's masculinity and enhance his self-confidence.

Luxury men's bracelet in gold, silver or platinum, simple and elegant

If you are interested in a type of bracelet for men that adapts perfectly to those looking for elegance in all simplicity is the precious metal bangle bracelet (gold, silver or platinum). Very refined, this men's bracelet comes in the form of a bangle, or a ring that the man wears on his wrist.

But the originality of this model lies in the fact that it is possible to personalize it, either by engraving a name or a motto, or by asking the jeweler to set it with black diamonds or even, precious stones, this which will bring charm and elegance to your outfit of the day.

The engraved men's bracelet, a unique gift idea

Are you looking for a unique and original gift for your lover on their birthday? So opt for the customizable men's bracelet, unique and original. You can ask to have a sweet message engraved on it, in order to immortalize your love or, to engrave a drawing or a symbol on it to express your feelings.

Personalized jewelry is very trendy and their advantage is that they are of a unique model. By opting for a personalized men's bracelet, you will be playing the exclusivity card with class and elegance.

How to wear your men's bracelet

A piece of jewelry makes it possible to assert the personality of the wearer, reflects his style and adds a note of originality to his outfit. However, and in order to ensure more elegance and charm, it is important to respect certain conditions when it comes to wearing a bracelet on the wrist of a man or a woman.

The first thing to know is that each piece of jewelry is worn on very specific occasions. So it would be out of place to show off with a rock skull bracelet at a job interview. A simple minimalist jewel would be more adequate. For a party or a dance party, the possibilities are greater. It is possible to opt for a classic bracelet, in gold or silver, or a more casual piece of jewelry, a leather bracelet for example.

Most importantly when wearing a bracelet for men is to keep a certain consistency between the different materials. For example, a gold pendant would be very poorly associated with a silver or platinum bracelet. The style must also be harmonious for a perfectly elegant result.

On which wrist to wear a men's bracelet?

Bracelets for men have become very fashionable again and the models offered are diverse enough to suit all tastes. And while there is no meaning behind how to wear a bracelet, many wonder which wrist, left or right, does it make more sense to wear them?

We tell you that it all depends on the model of the bracelet itself. For a men's bracelet with clasp, it is more practical to wear it on your wrist with your non-dominant hand (the left if you are right-handed and vice versa).

Likewise, it is not recommended to associate your bracelet with your watch. It would weigh down the style and look in bad taste. A watch for a man is considered a piece of jewelry in its own right and is generally worn on its own on the wrist in order to enhance it.

In recent times, the combination of many bracelets on a single wrist has become trendy. So do not hesitate to opt for a collection of men's jewelry while making sure to respect the harmony of styles, materials and colors.

Which bracelet to choose for a man?

For a trendy rock look, the trend is for a leather bracelet. The leather will easily match your bag. The beauty of this material is incomparable.

The model men's navy anchor bracelet is much different. Its design consisting of braided straps attached to a small anchor conveys a very classy adventurer style in evening dress and an adventurer style in casual dress. This product is among the major trends every summer. The marine world is reminiscent of vacations and the beach.

Elegant in simplicity, nothing like a silver men's bracelet, a men's bracelet or or a white gold men's bracelet. 18k yellow gold is the most suitable because it is of high quality. In addition, when it comes to clothing, the gentleman can choose between several types of mesh: the alternating mesh, the gourmet mesh, the coffee bean mesh or the navy mesh. And to personalize everything, it is also possible to ask the jeweler to make a men's bracelet engraved with a message full of tenderness. This unforgettable gift is ideal for a birthday. The price of engraving is not high and will make this jewel unique.

How to wear men's jewelry?

Sentimental value or simple aesthetic function, jewelry allows us to assert our personality and bring a touch of originality to our outfits. However, a piece of jewelry must meet many conditions in order to bring an effect of virility or elegance to the man who wears it.

If you've never worn jewelry before, the first step is to go for minimalist jewelry like a trendy men bracelet, a ring or necklace. The rest depends on the outfit, which determines how to wear this jewelry. For example, for a wedding or a job interview, the watch represents the classic jewel associated with a suit. While on a birthday or just everyday, we will favor a necklace with a medallion. Nevertheless, in all circumstances, you have to be careful with mistakes of taste so as not to appear too mafia or too effeminate. If you are looking for a model for women, there are bracelets designed for this purpose.

In addition, giving importance to its look requires a well-chosen piece of jewelry. You could, for example, choose a cheap man bracelet but made with stainless materials. Finally, do not mix metals and keep some consistency with the jewelry you wear to be stylish but comfortable.

On which wrist to wear a men's bracelet?

Forgotten for some time, men's bracelets are on the assault on the wrists. Admittedly, they are freed from all meaning but it is all the same necessary to know on which wrist to wear them, on the left wrist or on the right wrist?

The location of the bracelet depends on the structure of it. For a bracelet with a clasp, it should be placed on the wrist opposite the dominant hand to facilitate handling.

It is also not recommended to wear a bracelet on the wrist where the watch is located so as not to weigh down the silhouette. The watch should be showcased, so not to be mixed with other accessories. Likewise, the bracelet will not be damaged on contact with the watch, while the dial thereof is not at risk of being scratched by the jewel.

The accumulation of jewelry on the wrist is also very trendy. The goal is to balance styles, materials, metals and volumes. Jewelry brands offer collections of jewelry that can be worn together. Take advantage of the sales to buy the most modern jewelry.

Men's bracelet

What bracelet to give to a man?


The bracelet has become a fashion accessory to highlight your wrist and enhance an outfit. It is also in the top position in terms of gifts for men. Far beyond its value, offering a bracelet to a man then represents a strong symbolism. Indeed, it is an object which will last and which will remain as a memory throughout the life of the person who receives it. This is why it is essential to find a men's bracelet whose style and materials correspond to the tastes of the person to whom it is offered.

For example, to commemorate a particular date, choose a gold or silver bracelet on which you can have the date engraved.

For a meeting anniversary, the trend is turning towards the registration of a GPS address, that is to say, the geographical location of your first meeting. For a birthday present, the secret is in originality. Why not choose an ethnic bronze bracelet, a leather or steel bracelet, an Inca cuff or even a beaded bracelet?

However, you don't have to wait for a special occasion to give yourself a reason to give such a piece of jewelry. Just visit an online jewelry store to have a little treat. You could find beautiful bracelets on sale or order your own style directly by email.

What are the different men's bracelets?


The bracelet is an essential accessory to complete an outfit but which also reflects the personality of the person who wears it. However, we do not choose a bracelet at random. Below are some different types of bracelets available in the market.

First, the men's bracelet. It is a timeless piece of jewelry that is very successful. It consists of a chain with flattened links and a smooth plate that can be engraved. Then there is the very classic bangle bracelet. It is a generally open bracelet that comes in the form of a round, oval, rectangular or square ring decorated with graphic patterns.

In terms of materials, gold remains the luxury product of jewelry, but it has to be expensive. This material is available in several colors including yellow gold and white gold. On the other hand, the silver bracelet is a good compromise for those who do not necessarily want to break the bank. This less expensive material is also of good quality and resists just as well over time. Otherwise, the mixture of materials is also very fashionable at the moment, a braided leather bracelet associated with a simple metal deserves, for example, all your attention.

How to wear the men's bracelet?


The bracelet has several functions, including decorative, identity, religious, sentimental and seductive functions. It is a real mirror of the personality, but you still have to know how to wear it. As a woman carries her bag, it is also important to match the bracelet to her style of the day.

For a rather thin man, it is better to choose a thin and discreet bracelet, the same for a rather reserved person. Thus, he can for example opt for a leather and bronze bracelet to offer an image of a traveler to conquer the globe and ancient civilizations.

On the contrary, an extroverted man will be more attracted to a more massive size model to emphasize his virility. This one can wear a thick bracelet of strength that grips the wrist. This type of bracelet offers a modern day masculine gladiator look.

Regarding the location of the bracelet, it is best to wear your bracelet away from the dominant hand. If you are right handed, it will always be more natural and easier to attach your bracelet to your left wrist.

The men's products come in different styles. For classic men, there are the city ​​bracelets or marine bracelets. For sporty and active men, sportswear bracelets have been created.

Very trendy in the 90s by rock music lovers, bracelets rock and roll are now seen as a style accessory. We wear them to accessorize simple outfits and make them more trendy. The universe of rock is declined in clothing but also jewelry products. The rock universe has reinvented the codes of beauty.

She imposed a real way of life and launched many clothing fashions such as rock'n'roll products.

The men's nail bracelet is the ultimate rock'n'roll jewel. It was the favorite accessory of alternative music fans at the end of the XNUMXth century. It has now lost its aggressive side and is worn in the evening or at rock concerts.

The luxury leather men's bracelet is elegant but brings a modern touch. The metal men's bracelet is also rock'n'roll thanks to its strength.

For a gift idea, the men's bracelet to engrave is perfect for a rock lover. You can write a message, date or initials that are close to your heart on the metal.

A men's chain bracelet can be made of gold, silver or platinum to be durable and luxurious. This accessory obeys the codes of rock but has gained in nobility and refinement with the development of men's jewelry. We often think that rock'n'roll products are vulgar, with skulls ... However, they are diversifying and becoming more and more elegant.

The high jewelry brands offer all their rock products.

The novelty is that some products are adorned with precious stones such as diamonds or sapphires.

For smaller budgets, the stainless steel bracelet has the advantage of not being damaged over time. This product is of very good quality for a reasonable price.

Women also wear jewelry from the rock'n'roll universe. Most of them buy them at Galeries Lafayette.

These products go well with bags or shoes reminiscent of the same universe.

The world of rock is still dreaming with very original products.

How to wear the rock'n'roll bracelet for men?


When it comes to looks, we all know how women look after themselves. For women, the desire to look beautiful is in their nature. But we can hardly find men who care about their looks. In order to complete the look of a man, wearing a rock'n'roll steel bracelet on the wrist allows you to differentiate yourself. For centuries, the wearing of jewelry for men was limited to two items including a watch and a wedding band.

Now those days are over as men can wear a rock'n'roll bracelet on their wrist. This bracelet gives a more rock look and more fashionable nowadays. It's not just the bracelet that men wear, there are also earrings, necklaces and rings. Obviously, wearing a wrist bracelet is as much for men as it is for women. There are several models of rock'n'roll bracelet, so it is possible to choose either yellow gold or silver. The price varies according to the model and the size as well as the carat of the collection for which you opt.

Where does the men's rock'n'roll bracelet come from?

Men's jewelry has long been considered one of the most untapped jewelry markets. To affirm his freedom, his desire to go against the current, his attitude, men have adopted the rock look. By having a rock look, a man can wear a rock'n'roll bracelet. For hardcore rock'n'roll lovers, there are a myriad of jewelry brands. The most important thing to take into account is to choose it well. As with all accessories, wearing a rock'n'roll leather bracelet also reflects your personality, your lifestyle, your tastes.

It is therefore essential to take a good look at the brands, styles and materials available to ensure that the product is authentic, reflecting your personality and your look. Another important aspect to take into account is also the quality of the accessory for which you opt since the jewels are often quite delicate.

Not only will higher quality items last longer, but they are also better. On the other hand, poor quality metals can cause skin problems. For Nirvana, Metallica and ACDC fans, rock'n'roll and fashion are inseparable. It is especially the male sex who loves rock'n'roll jewelry.

The rock'n'roll bracelet, for what occasion?

For some men, jewelry is a very important fashion statement and a form of personal expression. Shoes are also among what men look for after their appearance and clothing. The rock'n'roll bracelet or all other trendy rock accessories are ideal for everyday wear. But to assert your look, wearing a rock'n'roll bracelet is ideal. Giving a modern rock'n'roll bracelet as a present can be a welcome gift idea.

The rock'n'roll bracelet will cover your wrist with an unparalleled look. A rock'n'roll accessory par excellence will not go unnoticed. In addition, a rock'n'roll bracelet allows you to enhance your appearance and blend delicately with your outfit. Wearing this bracelet is ideal for unique occasions such as private parties or one-on-one, at a rock concert or any other event where you want to assert your rock'n'roll look.

The men's navy anchor bracelets are all the rage these days. We see them in fashion magazines and on the wrists of all the trendiest men. This type of accessory is called the men's sailor bracelet. It has actually been around for decades as it was created by sailors who tied cords as jewelry.

Le sailor man bracelet is a real fashion accessory that can be worn everyday.

It is made of a nylon cord to recall the ropes of boats and recall this marine spirit. The men's marine anchor bracelet is the improved version of this product. We added an anchor in yellow gold, white gold or silver to give it style. It is also a way to make this accessory more luxurious with precious metal.

For smaller budgets, the marine anchor can be made of stainless steel, which has the advantage of being cheap and strong. Its price is lower than a precious metal for an almost equivalent quality.

The men's rope bracelet is often black or in blue nylon to recall the color of the sea.


men's gold coffee bean bracelets.

Even if this product is often intended for men because historically, it is the type of all sailors, there are models for men and women.

In summer, the men's anchor and coffee bean bracelet is one of the best sellers in jewelry brands. It's the holiday season and many men like to wear this jewel to go to the sea. It is sold more in France than elsewhere.

Even though there aren't many sailors these days, it is the sailors who wear men's cord bracelets. This men's sailor bracelet can be sentimental if they've won a boat race while wearing it.

This bracelet has a rather casual style. You should avoid wearing a men's rope bracelet to go to work or during a formal evening. The men's sailor bracelet is worn with sober clothes in blue and black tones to recall the uniform of sailors.

If it is in leather, it will go well with a curb chain. We offer it to a loved one who loves the world of the sea. There are very high quality models. Its size should be large enough to be comfortable.

What is a nautical anchor bracelet?

Like women's accessories, men's jewelry is also following a trend. Among the most popular is the marine cord bracelet. One sailor bracelet is a rope bracelet reminiscent of the ropes of a boat. Each motif has a powerful meaning. For example, the anchor is synonymous with the attachment that unites several people together, while the rudder represents a direction to take and the lighthouse is symbolic of a return to a place.

This type of bracelet is especially appreciated for its simplicity, finesse and elegance. This is the ideal bracelet if you like navy colors: white and blue which also go well with different outfits.

In addition to nylon, the string of a marine bracelet can also be a braided leather strap or take the form of a curb bracelet. And if it's not a curb chain, you can add precious stones to better contrast with the design of the anchor. As for the clasp, according to your tastes and your budget you have the choice between several materials such as plywood, ordinary metal alloy, silver or gold.

How to wear the men's sailor bracelet?


Inspired by the theme of the sea, the sailor bracelet is a product that increasingly appeals to fashion enthusiasts. On specialized sites in France, there are multiple models for women and men, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Then the choice depends on your preferences in materials and colors.

For the rest, wearing the marine bracelet is the easiest task because it has the advantage of being very discreet to adapt to all styles of clothing. It goes with both everyday outfits and chic outfits in black or white which also bring out the beauty of the jewel. For the more daring, they can match the bracelet to the traditionally marine look with a white striped top and navy blue bottom.

In addition, a sailor bracelet well worn is also a fitted sailor bracelet. It is therefore important to choose the ideal size and length in order to keep the quality of the bracelet, not to attack your skin but also to have a good result once on the wrist.

Where does the men's sailor bracelet come from?


If you want to adorn your wrist with an original bracelet, choose a beautiful sailor bracelet. It symbolizes the maritime adventure of pirates and corsairs who once set out for the heart of the warm Caribbean seas, in search of fortune and freedom. At that time, lovers of the sea and navigation wore the anchor in particular as a tattoo or handmade jewellery.

Basically, the anchor connects the boat to the seabed in order to stabilize it and make it safe for people on board. Over the centuries, it symbolizes a strong, secure and vital bond between two or more people. This is how to offer a sailor bracelet represents something strong.

Today, this accessory is widely worn by lovers of urban clothing styles and by fans of outings in the countryside but also kept for special occasions.

It is possible to make your own marine bracelet as in ancient times, but the most practical is to buy it in stores.

Sports wristbands

The sportswear bracelets are easy to wear on a daily basis. They are very popular with men who love sports. A sportswear bracelet is made of light and modern materials.

As with all jewelry, there are several types of bracelets for men. When fashion became more accessible to men, city ​​bracelets appeared.

Lovers of maritime activities have appropriated this fashion and created the men's sailor bracelet.

Sportswear isn't just about accessories. Athletes now want to wear trendy clothes that showcase them when they go to training. Sports brands specialize in clothing collections that can be worn both in town and in a gym.

Men's sportswear bracelets were created with the idea of ​​supporting men during all their physical activities. Their composition is made of cotton or rope so as not to interfere with the movements of athletes. These are also materials that will not deteriorate with the sweat of athletic men. It is more rarely in leather.

Men's sportswear bracelets are light and do not feel when playing sports. These products are stylish and will make you stand out in the field.

Sportswear bracelets are not just for athletes. They can very well be worn on a daily basis by active men. Their style will adapt to everyday outfits while recalling the casual side of the sportswear world.

Even in the evening, you can wear your bracelet if it is dark in color or with metal.

The sportswear bracelet is ideal for men who want to wear a piece of jewelry but without taking any risks. In a sober color, it goes with all styles of clothing and all occasions.

All the greatest sportsmen wear thin men's bracelets to bring them luck during competitions. In addition, former athletes often wear men's rope bracelets that remind them of their youth.

The sportswear bracelet can come in many different shapes and sizes to please everyone. Its length is often longer to easily adjust like a watch. Do not choose a model that is too small.

You can match it with your bag or your sports shoes as well as your swimsuit.

The novelty is that there are also models for women. These products are sold in shopping galleries.

What is the sportswear bracelet?


The term "sportswear" was born at the beginning of the 20th century when the great fashion designers began to think about new types of clothing, shoes and materials suitable for sportsmen. One thing leading to another, the sportswear trend is becoming more and more important, even reaching accessories such as bracelets. This is where the sportswear bracelet appeared, a bracelet dedicated to the practice of sport which has become a true symbol and characteristic of a new state of mind.

Today, bracelet designers in France have fully understood the interest of offering this new type of casual bracelet, without neglecting the design in order to stick to the sportswear concept. Thus, the sportswear bracelet is both a comfortable object during sports practice but also easy to wear on a daily basis. No more junk bracelets that sport your wrist and make way for a concentrate of technology that helps you take care of your body and adopt good health resolutions. You can for example opt for a bracelet for fitness trackers or an energy bracelet for followers of soft sports.

How to wear the sportswear bracelet?

 More than just a look, sportswear is a true way of life! It means well-being, leisure and relaxation for the modern man or woman. Thus, wearing a sportswear bracelet is one of the ways to express your style in this category. It can therefore come in different looks, sizes and offers utility to its owner.

For example, the magnetic bracelet, also called painkiller bracelet, optimizes performance by increasing capacities such as flexibility, balance and endurance. Because of its virtues, it is worn in everyday life, whether you go to yoga, work ... To maximize its effectiveness, the magnetic bracelet is to be put on the wrist or around the ankle, not far from the area. that hurts you.

The connected wristwatch is an adjustable digital mini-coach that tracks and records your activity throughout the day, or even at night. It is the latest trendy smart bracelet that does not leave its owner. On the right hand or the opposite, most models allow you to specify your choice which could change the way the bracelet measures your physical activity.

When can I wear the sportswear bracelet?

 Bracelets can be used to allude to our way of life, help us communicate a message, even a state of mind to those around us. For example, the sportswear bracelet confirms belonging to this style. It can simply be worn with jeans and a simple top. But the sportswear style also suggests specially made garments such as pants with elastic ties or hoodies. There is also a French brand called Bhumi which offers sportswear made from recycled materials to restore an ecological and civic dimension to consumption.

For a chic sportswear style, forget your PE teacher's tracksuits, here we focus on sporty elegance. The sportswear bracelet can therefore be associated with a suit, a leather jacket or a trench coat. It is also possible to opt for a black chain if you want a bracelet to match your activity tracker.

Of course, the rules are not absolute to become the benchmark in sportswear. You have to have a creative spirit because a successful sportswear look is a good marriage between colors, clothing pieces and especially accessories. As we always say, the exception proves the rule.

Discover our range of sportswear bracelets and take advantage of our special summer holiday promotion until the end of August. We support customers to give them our opinion on the type of order suitable until the purchase of the product. You can then pick up your bracelet at our point of sale or benefit from the 48-hour guaranteed delivery service.

Le men's bracelet is the trendy accessory of the moment. It comes in different styles to follow men at all times of their lives. It is the favorite jewel of men with the signet ring. A few years ago, it was inconceivable for a man to wear a city bracelet. Today it is a very trendy accessory that everyone at the forefront of fashion is wearing.

The men's city bracelet is a type of bracelet made for active and modern men. Very masculine in style, it is made of refined materials of the best quality.

Le men's city bracelet can be personalized by engraving a message, a date or initials with a meaning. It is a very good gift idea for a city man who pays attention to his style. This product is also offered to a loved one who has no interest in his appearance to introduce him to fashion.

City bracelets can come in very different colors and shapes. The leather strap is the most classic, it is often chosen black or brown. The bracelet can also be made of cotton for a more summery side and to bring lightness to the jewel.

Most city bracelets are made of two materials, usually leather with metal finishes. You can choose a product that matches the face of your watch or your bag.

There are bracelets whose part that goes around the wrist is interchangeable to adapt to the seasons and the colors that we wear. This type of product uses the same principle as some watches.

The stainless steel bracelet has a more futuristic style and is very popular with men. This model will delight fans of the science fiction universe.

The city bracelet is practical to easily accessorize any outfit. It is discreet but it makes men elegant and well-groomed.

A refined design will suit men with a slim body.

All the biggest brands offer this jewel to their customers, in different price ranges. Discover the most beautiful men's collections and products on this website.

Contact us for more information or to ask all your questions.

What are the different men's city bracelets?

Le bracelet has become an essential fashion accessory, whether to complete a formal outfit or to wear everyday in the city. To the delight of "fashion addicts", there are now several assortments of materials in the manufacture of men's bracelets, far from overpriced materials such as gold.

For example, the leather bracelet is particularly resistant. Aesthetically, the steel bracelet is quite comfortable once properly adjusted.

Equally tough and durable, the fabric strap typically serves as a watch strap. It is economical, washable and comes in an infinite number of colors or patterns. You stay in fashion while you have your eye on the watch face.

Finally, there is the synthetic bracelet based on polymers (natural rubber or synthetic plastic). It is very resistant and flexible and is suitable for extreme uses. Moreover, the big brands of bracelets for men are starting to associate some of their luxury products with rubber bracelets.

How to wear the city leather bracelet?

Like women, men also have the right to display with pride their city ​​leather bracelet and arouse the curiosity of his interlocutor. However, wearing a men's bracelet depends on the model and its attachment system.

For example, a bracelet with a clasp is worn opposite the dominant hand simply to avoid losing it. While a steel or leather bracelet of strength finds its place indifferently on any wrist. The goal is always to be able to fix the bracelet with one hand.

Otherwise, if you wear other jewelry like a ring in addition to the bracelet, you have to balance style, materials and volumes. For example, if you already wear a large signet ring on your right hand, place your bracelet on your left hand to enhance it. Likewise if you wear a watch, favor the opposite side of the watch so as not to scratch the watch and also not to tarnish the material of the strap.

However, you do not have to follow these rules because everyone is free to wear their wrist. bracelet as long as you are comfortable in your own skin.

Men's city leather bracelet, for what occasions?

Like any fashion accessory, there is a bracelet for every occasion. Everything is played on the personality and the harmony of the forms. The advantage of the city bracelet is that it adapts to your style, whether you are in a suit and tie or rather in a blazer on a daily basis.

For the black leather strap, the delicacy of its finish and its refined line will match your classic outfit without breaking the established codes. It also gives a chic look and a manly side. For the bracelet with charms, it can emphasize your virility and bring a touch of shine to your look. For the rubber strap, it offers a very assumed sporty style but also “streetwear”.

The men's natural stone bracelet is also one of the most popular pieces, especially when it is offered as a gift on the occasion of an anniversary. At first glance, it gives a casual style, very fashionable today among men.

Each customer can request a unique style with the materials of their choice before purchasing.

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