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Questions / Answers

  1. What gives yellow sapphire its unique color? The color of a sapphire is determined by the different types of minerals present during its formation. Yellow sapphire gets its color from the presence of iron. The amounts of iron can vary, resulting in different shades of yellow, ranging from pale yellow to golden. Yellow sapphires are often heated to enhance their color, which is a common and generally accepted practice in the jewelry industry.
  2. How can you tell a real yellow sapphire from a fake? It can be difficult for an untrained person to distinguish a real sapphire from a fake, especially if it is a high quality synthetic sapphire. Experts use a variety of methods to determine the authenticity of a sapphire, including observation through a magnifying glass to look for specific inclusions, hardness testing, and sometimes spectroscopic testing. If you are unsure of the authenticity of a sapphire, it is always best to have the jewelry appraised by a certified gemologist.
  3. How should a yellow sapphire necklace or pendant be cared for? Sapphires are one of the hardest gemstones, second only to diamonds, which makes them quite resistant to scratches and damage. However, they can still get dirty or dull over time. To clean a yellow sapphire necklace or pendant, use a soft toothbrush and soapy water, avoiding extreme temperatures. It is also recommended to keep sapphire jewelry away from harsh chemicals and store it separately to avoid scratching it with other jewelry.
  4. What is the symbolism of the yellow sapphire? Yellow sapphires, like all sapphires, are often associated with wisdom and prosperity. The yellow sapphire, in particular, is considered a symbol of joy, optimism and prosperity. In some cultures it is believed to have the power to attract abundance and wealth. In jewelry, a yellow sapphire necklace or pendant can be a bright and joyful way to express those feelings.
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