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A French story

Since the Middle Ages, the Arts et Métiers district has been the historic heart of Paris and of jewelery craftsmanship.

Paris, in its setting

It is in the streets of the Temple and of Portefoin in the center of Paris that the jewelers, craftsmen, dealers of precious metals and precious stones have settled.

It was after the Second World War that the workshop was created. First under the name of Mr Maupou. It was then bought in 1974 by Mr Grimoux who created ORMEX. And that's how we became one of the biggest jewelry manufacturing and repair workshops in the neighborhood. Since 1951 we have been manufacturing, repairing and transforming jewelery in gold and precious metals.

The values ​​of time since 1951

Since 2003 we have distributed our diamonds to professional jewelers and jewelry workshops.
We have implemented a very bold price calculation system. The calculation of our sales prices goes in the same direction.

The respect

Our jewelers work with precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver in accordance with their centuries-old methods.


All of our gold jewelry is hallmarked with our company's island gold stamps. The same is true for platinum and silver. Our diamonds are certified by the largest gemological laboratories.


We refuse to market synthetic diamonds or reconstituted stones made in the laboratory. All our stones are natural and all our diamonds are obviously natural.

The origin of the diamond

The diamond originates from deep within the earth, which is what makes it rare and therefore valuable. No diamond looks like another diamond, no two stones are identical. The beauty and brilliance of the diamond emerge when it has passed through the hands of master stone cutters. Every woman deserves to have her diamond and we are here to satisfy her.

The rough diamond

A crystal of pure carbon created by the earth.

The cut diamond

Man has magnified the original beauty.

Jewelry, for life!

Helped by our advisors, we will offer you a very wide range of rings with precious stones. We will adapt our offer to your budget and ensure that you can make your dreams come true.
In addition to diamonds, we will offer you precious stones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies. We also have all the semi-precious stones such as aquamarines, citrines and amethysts.
Each ring is completely personalized to your liking and is personal to you.

French jewelry

All the stages of the manufacture of your jewel are artisanal.
Only advances in information technology allow us today to speed up the process of developing ring prototypes.
Our master jewelers work with precious metals as their illustrious predecessors did, to whom they have nothing to envy.

They talk about us !

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