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Men's Rings and Signet Rings

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History of the signet ring and the men's ring.

A symbol of strength and confidence, men's rings have long been men's favorite jewelry. More than a simple ring, it was above all a sign of family belonging and affirmed the social place occupied by its owner. It is after the gold alliance, the jewel most worn among men.

Today, the signet ring has become very trendy, it brings chic and distinction to the wearer. We can set diamonds and precious stones on a gold men's ring. This gold signet ring will affirm the character of the one who owns it.

The gold signet ring man in history.

Before, men used special rings called "signets". They had engraved their family crest on it. Then, they pressed the ring in hot wax to create a seal on their important letters. This ring was therefore a family jewel that was passed on from father to son.
Usually, one puts the ring on the left ring finger, either so that everyone can see it, or so that it faces towards you.
When the ring is turned towards you, it means that you are ready to fight to defend something.
For men, wearing their gold signet ring in this way was either a sign of modesty or a sign that they were already in love with someone and therefore unavailable for a romantic relationship. This meant that they were either faithful husbands and had already given their hearts to someone who was not known to everyone. A signet ring worn on the little finger was a sign that the person who wears it is the youngest of his family.

Shapes and materials of men's 18K gold signet rings.

Like any other ring, men's 18k gold rings come in a multitude of shapes and materials. All of these points should be taken into consideration when choosing a signet ring for yourself or to give as a gift. We can also work on family coats of arms that can be adapted to our collection of signet rings.

What shapes for a luxury men's signet ring? 

A signet ring comes in various forms. It can have a classic character with a square or oval shape or have more original shapes: round, rectangular or even hexagonal with a wide bezel to engrave patterns, initials or a motto.

What material for the signet ring man? 

Signet rings can be made from different materials: gold, silver, platinum, steel and there are even stone signet rings. These themselves come in different shades: aged or shiny silver, golden, white or pink gold.

The choice will be made mainly according to the style and tastes of the person who will wear the signet ring but also to his complexion. For tanned skin, we generally recommend pink gold, while for fair-skinned and fair-skinned men, white or yellow gold is recommended. As for silver rings, they harmonize perfectly with all skin colors. 

The details and patterns of the engraved men's signet ring.

The details of a men's signet ring give it its charm and make it unique. It is therefore not a step to be overlooked. There are mainly two distinct types of signet rings:

  • With with stone (or signet stone): the bezel of the ring is made up of a single large stone or else, encrusted with a multitude of precious stones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, etc.) or semi-precious (amethyst , aquamarine, topaz, citrine, etc.);
  • The engraved men's signet ring: it is possible to engrave his signet ring with his initials, a special engraving, a pattern, a very specific date (wedding date) or even create subtle interlacing.

It is quite possible to find signet rings for men in lined metal combining two different materials (gold and platinum for example). If you are creative, you can even order your own ring design from your jeweler.

A men's gold signet ring adapted to each style.

Rings for men are generally more sober, with fine and refined details. Very shimmering materials are often worked and brushed to give them an aged texture. But that doesn't mean you can't find signet rings in gold or shiny silver. It is all a question of style and it is important that the chosen jewel is perfectly in harmony with your tastes and your personality.

Here are some tips for choosing a men's signet ring suited to your style:

Rock style signet ring.

Rock-style signet rings became widely popular thanks to rock actors and singers. Let's give as an example Johnny Depp known for his original style combining steel, silver and leather rings. Also Keith of the Rolling Stones, with his famous skull signet ring. Johnny Hallyday was also a biker 

If you are a fan of the Rock style, then we recommend a signet ring in silver and onyx, or the very trendy skull ring.

Bohemian style signet ring.

Silver signet rings are the perfect allies to complete a bohemian style outfit. For a very snag look, we prefer a ring inlaid with a turquoise or a tree of life signet ring. The diamond will also make a great impression.

The ideal combo would be to pair a silver ring with well-chosen and meaningful stones. It will create a very subtle and appealing aura of mystery.

Classic signet ring.

The classic remains timeless and men's signet rings harmonize perfectly with this style. It is in particular this design that is sought after by businessmen and those who swear by chic. This kind of classic rings has become very trendy again with the release of the famous series Peaky Blinders “whose characters always wear an imposing gold signet ring.

For this style, simple rings, in plain metal (gold, silver or platinum) are preferred. The rings are usually large, are too frills or tracery, and go perfectly with the costumes.

As you will have seen, signet rings are authentic jewels, so their choice should not be made lightly. The main thing is that the ring is in keeping with the personality of its owner and really represents him.

The chic of the signet ring.

It is often said that women are the greatest lovers of jewelry. Yet men too are making their revolution and claiming their right to style and coquetry. We see more and more men with the ring on their finger to assert their style and highlight their hands.

Originally, men only wore wedding rings on their fingers. Wearing a ring had a function for them and did not have an aesthetic purpose. This served to symbolize their union with their wife and show the promise they made to each other. It also happens that some men wear an engagement ring if they already want to announce their marriage to their family and loved ones.

The ring was therefore for men a symbolic object serving to mark their marriage and responding to tradition.

Today, both men and women are freeing themselves from the rules and wearing jewelry for the sake of style more than tradition. Contrary to popular belief, the ring is not an exclusively feminine jewel and can be worn by everyone.

Men and fashion.

Men are much more free in their style and more and more are interested in fashion.

Men's jewelry is more popular than ever whether it's rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings. Men like to indulge themselves by accessorizing their outfits with original jewelry that matches their personality.

It is possible to wear one or more rings at the same time depending on your outfit and your audacity. The layering of rings on the fingers is very fashionable and allows you to wear all your favorite rings without taking off your wedding ring. This trend is very suitable for men because they have larger and thicker hands. They can wear multiple rings without their hand being muffled or too hidden.

There are many types of rings for men, they don't have to settle for a wedding band. They may also wear signet rings or rings. Jewelers in Paris offer a wide choice of men's rings. It is the silver ring that has the most success among men because its color is noble and elegant at the same time.

Men's rings.

Men's rings have more or less meaning depending on the finger they are worn on. In addition, the type of ring can have a symbolism if it is an alliance or can be just decorative if it is a simple ring.

If the mood takes them, men can even wear rings set with precious stones. It is the perfect jewel for a superstitious person because the stones have powers over our body and our mental state. To learn more, see our guide to precious and fine stones.

You will find the ideal jewel among the selection of rings for men on this site.

Which finger should you wear your men's signet ring on?

We often wonder how to wear jewelry and rings. Indeed, each finger has a particular meaning and will give more or less meaning to the ring he wears. In addition, all rings do not have the same symbolism and some must be worn in specific places.

When a man gets married, he usually wears a wedding ring to show his union with the woman he loves. Traditionally, you wear your wedding ring on the ring finger of your left hand. According to beliefs, the vein of love is in the left ring finger and brings happiness to couples.

The alliance comes in the form of a men's ring. It is the jewel that men wear most often because it is a real symbol and it does not only have an aesthetic function.

It is also the finger on which women wear their engagement rings. Even if it is customary for men not to wear an engagement ring, they may very well wear one to announce their future marriage.

Wear a luxury men's signet ring.

The men's signet ring is the other men's ring that has meaning. Wearing a signet ring shows membership in a family or clan.

Originally, the signet ring was used to seal official documents with wax. The men's signet ring has lost its usefulness but remains an ancestral jewel in some families.

The wearing of the signet ring must obey very specific rules. It is to the eldest of the family that the man's signet ring must return. He must wear it on his left ring finger with his wedding ring if he is married. If the other sons also have a men's signet ring, they will wear it on the little finger of their right hand.

It is also possible to wear a gold signet ring on the thumb or the little finger.

Wearing a ring on the index finger is historically the sign of power. Since ancient times, the index finger has been the authority finger of world rulers. Indeed, it is thanks to his index that we give orders or directions to follow.

The middle finger is located in the center of the hand, wearing a ring there shows that we are trying to draw attention to ourselves. A middle finger ring is the sign of an unconventional and atypical personality.

To attract even more attention, buy a ring set with precious stones or diamonds. Their sparkle is sure to be noticed by all and enhance your middle finger ring. There are many different stones that reflect your personality.

Rings for men

The ring is the most classic piece of jewelery for men. For centuries, the most powerful of this world have worn rings as a sign of might and power. This jewel once reserved for warriors and leading men has become widespread.

The ring has lost its symbolism and is only intended for the winners of wars or lords. The ring ring is now a very common piece of jewelery among men, it no longer represents a symbol of power but only has an aesthetic function.

However, the models of men's rings have multiplied over time. Men's signet rings replace rings as a sign of strength and power.

Since the democratization of fashion among men, they allow themselves more and more accessories and jewelry to accessorize their style. Just like women, men have the right to pay attention to their appearance and choose the most valuable rings.

Thus, there are now collections of diamond men's rings or rings set with precious stones. These are rings encrusted with stones to keep a masculine side.

The best-selling ring for men is the wedding ring. It is the ring that represents the marriage between a man and the person he loves.

Rings can come in all different sizes and shapes. This wide choice allows the male sex to differentiate themselves and dare more fantasies. It's a kind of emancipation for men for whom fashion was forbidden territory in the last century.

For Gothic styles, the ring adorned with a skull will be perfectly adequate. The black ring can also match your outfits.

Whatever your style, there will always be a type of ring made for you. Jewelers offer more and more models that appeal to all men.

Quality matters, give a ring in precious metal or stainless steel. It is also possible to choose a titanium or tungsten model. The advantage of these metals is that they are resistant.

To offer as a gift, the ring is a safe bet.

Men's signet ring.

The gold signet ring is the most traditional men's jewellery. It has been worn for decades as a sign of recognition in large families. Gold signet rings for men are transmitted from generation to generation within the same clan.

It is usually the eldest who owns it, but each son may wear one. In this case, only the eldest will wear it on his left ring finger. The cadets and youngest will wear their signet ring on the right little finger.

Today this rule is a bit outdated, and the signet ring is worn at the whim of its owner. There are even models for women whose width and size are reduced.

Men's signet rings are large rings with a pattern or symbol on a plate.

Today it is a slightly more common ring, which is worn as an accessory rather than to honor his family. It is now decorated with skulls or precious stones.

It remains a remarkable ring whose value increases according to its metal and its style. It is the men's gold diamond signet rings that are the most expensive, especially if they belong to a noble family.

For a model that will stand the test of time, choose a 24-karat gold men's signet ring or an 18-karat gold men's signet ring. Indeed, the gold men's signet ring is more robust because this metal is of great purity. It can be solid gold or gold plated.

The price indicates the quality of the ring, if it is low it is surely made of steel.

Trends in men's rings.

The new trend is the black men's signet ring because it is discreet but original. The white gold men's signet ring is also an elegant alternative to this very commonplace metal.

For an important gift like an anniversary, the gold men's signet ring is ideal. It is a valuable piece of jewelry that can be kept for a long time and will carry many memories.

The white gold men's signet ring is one of the most beautiful gift ideas because you can adapt its pattern and shape. Lion's head, skull, coat of arms...all styles are possible. Discover a wide choice of collections of customizable rings on this site.

This jewel goes well with a bracelet.

Even if it is not its primary function, the gold signet ring

can act as an alliance. In this case, you can engrave your initials or your wedding date with your loved one inside.

Jewelry in Paris

It was in the XNUMXth century that French jewelry was born with the growing popularity of diamonds. It was later in the XNUMXth century that other precious stones arrived on the jewelry market in Paris.

The jewelry stores in Paris hold more than anything to their international reputation. They are recognized for their know-how and their high-quality creations.

All the jewelry stores in Paris have a workmanship of perfection and use exceptional materials to make the most beautiful jewelry in the world.

There was originally no training to become a jeweler or jeweler in Paris. It is by exercising this profession that one learns its techniques and its inner workings.

Gradually, with the growing success of jewelry in Paris, specialized schools were created to train competent craftsmen. Jewelry indeed requires knowledge in many areas such as design but also business management.

This is how Paris has become THE place of French luxury and jewelry. Parisian jewelers often start by working as a small hand in a workshop then go on their own and open their store in Paris.

The work of precious stones is the specialty of jewelry in Paris. You can find the most beautiful diamonds and the most exceptional precious stones in the jewelry stores of the capital.

City of lovers, Paris is the ideal place for a request for an engagement or a wedding. Thus, all the jewelers in Paris offer the most refined selections of solitaire diamond rings and diamond wedding rings.

Jewelry in Paris is the sector where women business leaders are more numerous than elsewhere. Historically, most of them are widows who have inherited Parisian jewelry from their late husbands.

However, the number of Parisian jewelry stores has fallen sharply since the mid-twentieth century with competition from foreign costume jewelry brands. Their life expectancy is now increasingly reduced and companies rely on quality to survive. Today, there are less than a hundred authentic jewelry stores in Paris, which are gathered in certain districts such as rue du Temple and place Vendôme.

The small workshops have almost all disappeared to make way for more industrial companies and jewelry chains. It is by making unique and high-end engagement rings that the workshops continue their activity. They use precious stones and diamonds that cannot be found anywhere else to set exceptional rings.

Over the centuries, the sizes of precious stones have multiplied and today we find more and more varied models of engagement rings in jewelry stores in Paris. Diamond wedding rings have also made their appearance, originally intended for the bourgeoisie to differentiate themselves from the middle class, they are now in the hands of all young brides.

Temple Street

Located in the heart of the Marais district, rue du Temple is well-known for the jewelries in Paris. The capital offers this district a choice clientele, with strong purchasing power, who like to adorn themselves with jewelry from the best jewelers in Paris.

Already at the time of the Middle Ages, the Marais district was the favorite place of the lords to buy precious jewelry from Parisian artisans. It was often religious or power jewelry.

Very quickly, the lower classes imitated them and also wanted to own the creations of the jewelers of Paris. This is how Parisian jewelry made a name for itself first in Europe and then throughout the world, propelling Paris to the rank of world capital of luxury and fashion.

The Boulle school was thus created in Paris to meet the demand for competent and qualified labor in many fields such as engraving and setting.

It was during the construction of the Place des Vosges that many jewelry stores were created in the center of Paris. It was the golden age of rue du Temple and all the biggest jewelry stores in Paris.

In the XNUMXth century, the Marais experienced a social decline and the majority of the jewelers of the rue du Temple moved to the Place Vendôme. Rue du Temple becomes more popular and welcomes artisans who make their jewelry in small Parisian workshops. The many mansions of the district, formerly occupied by the bourgeoisie, are taken over by jewelers and goldsmiths.

It was at this time that the historic jewelers of Paris were born and made the Marais an artistic and eclectic district. The workforce of the jewelers in Paris is mainly foreign and comes from the former French colonies.

It was after the Second World War that jewelry in Paris industrialized and thus led to a loss of staff, replaced by automatons. Craftsmen are gradually losing their jobs and the large Parisian jewelry companies are gaining the upper hand. The small jewelry stores of Paris will settle in the provinces to be able to subsist and their qualified workforce follows.

This is why today the rue du Temple has far fewer Parisian jewelers than before. They were replaced by costume jewelry stores and wholesale sellers. Nowadays, this street has only a few rare authentic Parisian jewelry stores.

The jewelry stores in rue du Temple are among the oldest and most qualitative in the world. Their creations are inspired by the romanticism of Paris, the jewelers specialize in engagement rings and wedding rings.

Jewelers for signet rings on the internet

The arrival of the internet twenty years ago has revolutionized our world. Our whole consumption pattern has been affected and our habits have changed a lot. This innovation has greatly benefited commerce, which used it to develop online sales sites.

Even if jewelry is an ancestral art that has endured for many centuries, the sector has been able to adapt to new technological conditions. Indeed, jewelry companies in Paris are historic but stores are no longer sufficient to attract customers.

This is how internationally renowned Parisian jewelers opened their websites to face foreign competition. The boutiques on Place Vendôme and Rue du Temple in Paris all have an online platform to present their exceptional collections.

The Internet has the advantage of being fast and easy to use. Any small jewelry business in Paris can get started by setting up their site and selling their products on it. In addition, this concept allows traditional jewelry workshops in Paris to make themselves known and face competition from the largest companies.

You can find all kinds of jewelers on the internet, there is something for everyone. Whatever your need or your special occasion, jewelers on the internet will have the jewelry you need. Today, it is even possible to choose your engagement ring or wedding ring on the internet.

Virtual shops are more and more sophisticated and allow you to see the most beautiful creations of jewelry stores in Paris. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are sold in abundance on the internet, to the delight of fans of Parisian jewelry.

Men's jewelry also has its place on the internet. This jewelry sector is developing more and more and all the jewelry stores in Paris now offer their collection for men.

Online jewelry shopping today is a growing industry as it allows companies to display all of their jewelry collections. The know-how of these companies is not to be outdone, and jewelry stores in Paris have lost none of their prestige with the arrival of the internet.

Selling online means that customers do not have to travel and can choose from a wide variety of jewelry items with complete peace of mind. In addition, one can easily get discounts on jewelry and watches because the internet speeds up sales cycles.

The jewelers present on the internet compete in inventiveness to discover their world and retain their customers for life. Fine jewelry has taken place on the web and is exported internationally to the delight of prestigious jewelry stores in Paris.

Place Vendôme

Goldsmithing and the often associated jewelry are two separate things. Goldsmithing is the manufacture of objects in precious metals, either for cults, tables or furnishings. Jewelry is the manufacture of gold, silver or platinum jewelry often adorned with precious stones.

The location of jewelers in Paris has changed over time with the displacement of the King and the nobles from his court. The Paris jewelry stores were originally located on the current Pont au Change, near the city palace.

In the middle of the fourteenth century, after the revolt of the bourgeois led by Etienne Marcel, King Charles V decided to leave the palace of the city and to settle outside the wall of Philippe Auguste. The aristocracy then settled near the royal residence around the current Place des Vosges in Paris.

This is how goldsmiths settled in the Marais in the heart of Paris. The gold and silver brought back from South America by the Portuguese and the Spaniards quickly flooded Europe. The real boom came in the XNUMXth century, which was also the period of mechanization for Parisian goldsmithing.

In the XNUMXth century the Marais experienced a certain social decline, under Louis XV it lost its aristocratic side and now welcomed the bourgeoisie, the luxury Parisian jewelers, following the court in a westward movement which brought them to Place Vendôme and its surroundings. . The development of trade to India made the acquisition of gemstones more accessible for jewelers in Paris. This is the golden age of jewelry in Paris which extends its domination over the whole of Europe.

The revolution of 1789 put a stop to the luxury arts for a while, the demolition of the Bastille in Paris became a mine. Fragments of stone from the old Parisian fortress were used to mount necklaces, bracelets, and rings that were called patriotic or constitutional jewelry. Gold reappeared in earrings in the form of vermeil guillotines for women and so-called Marat rings for men. The empire saw the appearance of Greek jewelry adorned with cameos.

In the XNUMXth century, with the improvement in the social level of the population and the Parisian bourgeoisie, the desire for luxury spread and became popular. The number of consumers in Paris is increasing although the choice of styles remains quite limited.

With manufacturing processes from abroad and the help of certain Parisian artists, we are witnessing a real renaissance in the art of jewelery in Paris. This is how, from 1850, the English style appeared in jewelery in Paris: necklaces, bracelets, pendant earrings, brooches and rings.

It is under the industrial revolution that the jewel will really democratize in the city of Paris. It is serial production that will make them accessible to all, but with conflicts and to participate in the war effort, gold is given to the government. The artisans of Paris are requisitioned in the arms industry. Parisian jewelry is then made with less noble metals such as iron, copper, or aluminum.

The second half of the XNUMXth century will experience its golden age, the number of goldsmiths, jewelers and jewelers exploded in the Marais and in Paris, the workshops requiring little space.

After the revolts and the Napoleonic wars, the Place Vendôme in Paris became that of French luxury. Towards the end of the 1899th century, with the opening of the Ritz, a palace renowned throughout the world, many Parisian jewelers came to settle in Place Vendôme. The first was Frédéric Boucheron in XNUMX, he was soon joined by other luxury artisans: Cartier, Chaumet, Van Cleef and Arpels, Mauboussin...

The big watch brands follow: Piaget, Chopard, Rolex, as well as the biggest couture brands in Paris: Chanel, Dior, Vuitton ...

In a few decades, Place Vendôme became the jewelry capital of the world where you can find the most beautiful precious stones in Paris.

What is a men's ring used for?

Contrary to what one might think, men love to wear shiny accessories like rings to demonstrate their wealth, their power and above all to affirm their style. Indeed, the ring is since the Middle Ages one of the symbols of nobility that every man had to wear. Until today, men's rings have not shocked society and have even become the prerogative of so-called "artistic" professions.

Thus, the rings can take all widths, sizes as well as materials to allow the male gender to differentiate themselves and follow fashion. They represent a message that emphasizes the character of the person who wears it.

For example, a beautiful thick and noble gold signet ring can symbolize the dominant and robust character or mark the belonging to a sibling. It can also be offered for the 18 years of the boy becoming a man. While a wedding ring is offered during the wedding ceremony, hence its origin and name.

In any case, the ring no longer leaves the male fingers, even if it has somewhat lost its old meaning. It is now chosen according to the preferences and dress mode of its owner.

Which gold signet ring for a man?

Choosing a men's ring as a birthday present cannot be improvised. First of all, the choice turns to the metal used. For the most classic and the big budgets, we can require noble materials such as gold, silver, platinum or titanium.

There are also relatively new, reasonably priced materials such as stainless steel or tungsten. The advantage is that they have a resistance comparable to that of a diamond and the brilliance of a mirror.

Once the material has been chosen, the men's signet ring must correspond to his style of dress and his personality. For a discreet and elegant style, opt for a ring that goes well with sober outfits such as a signet ring or a black gold ring. On the contrary, for a more extravagant assertive taste, a color model or with inlaid stone could be suitable. As for the size, men largely prefer a jewel whose thickness does not exceed 3 mm but that does not prevent them from buying larger models.

For additional information, do not hesitate to visit online jewelry stores to find a wide range of cheap or on sale men's rings. There is something for everyone and delivery is often free.

How to wear a ring for men?

Several meanings surround the rings and the different ways in which they are worn. For a man as for a woman, the ring is more than a jewel since it represents an emotional charge.

The wearing of the men's ring particularly respects a certain convention, in particular symbolic. Placing it on the little finger signifies intelligence and the ability to persuade.

The best-selling wedding ring positioned on the ring finger shows loving commitment and creativity. On the middle finger, the ring ring marks responsibility and balance. While on the index it is a sign of authority and power, and on the thumb friendship.

A man can wear any men's signet ring on any finger, it's all a matter of style and taste today. Indeed, the ring will find its place naturally according to the personality of the wearer.

In general, we just tend to avoid wearing jewelry on the right hand if we are right-handed, on the left hand if we are left-handed. This reduces the risk of damaging or losing the ring. Then, the number will depend essentially on the type of ring, the ideal is not to exceed the three rings on both hands to avoid errors of taste. In addition, it is best to focus on quality over quantity.

What are the different rings for men?

Men's rings are part of men's fashion accessories. Especially since the choice has become very large, since today there are many models that meet all preferences.

The wedding ring is the jewel that we see the most on a man's finger. In general, it is made with a fine design made of gold or silver. Engraving is permitted only inside the ring.

The eldest of the family wears the men's signet ring on the ring finger of his right hand, with his wedding ring if he is married. The other men wear it on the right little finger. While the woman wears it on the little finger of her right hand.

Unlike the two previous types of ring, men can also wear a ring model with no particular meaning. In general, we prefer materials such as stainless steel, silver and metal, certainly not of the same quality as gold, titanium, tungsten or diamond but quite resistant and at a low price. These fancy rings can be worn on any finger, we just tend to avoid the dominant hand.

When to give a ring for men?

The ring is a very good alternative. Moreover, it can be offered as a gift for all occasions: engagement, anniversary, baptism ...

On the occasion of a wedding, the alliance ring is exchanged on D-Day, it symbolizes eternal union and is undoubtedly the jewel that requires the most attention. It is also customary to offer a jewel like the men's signet ring during a first communion or a baptism of a little boy.

The date of birth and the child's first name are the most preferred engravings for this type of jewellery. Then, one can also offer a ring as a sign of integration of a new member in a privileged club like a fraternity.

Often, we offer a men's signet ring engraved with the logo of the establishment. For a birthday, a silver and black colored ring with ethnic motifs will satisfy a recipient with a casual look. Just match the taste of the person with the aesthetics of the ring and know the size and width of the finger in advance.

Regarding materials, white gold and silver are easily worn by men.

Which finger to wear a men's ring on?

From an outside eye, we cannot say what is the symbolism of this or that hand, but there are certain conventions applied since ancient times regarding the wearing of a man's ring.

The index is the finger that allows you to highlight a ring. The middle finger remains the best solution for wearing a classic men's signet ring.

The ring finger, meanwhile, traditionally wears the wedding ring. This finger is believed to be that of the heart and of marital love. In the case where one is entitled to an engagement ring, this can be placed on the right ring finger, once the wedding has been celebrated.

The little finger is reserved for the signet ring. In the past, it made it possible to sign official documents by pressing the front face of the men's ring in hot wax in order to then seal the document. Otherwise, this finger is chosen to wear other types of rings because it does not reflect any religious or cultural connotation.

Today it is possible to wear the ring on any finger without worrying about a special meaning.

On which finger should I wear my signet ring?

You can wear your men's signet ring on the little finger or on the ring finger, depending on your convenience, if the signet ring is rather heavy, we advise you to wear it on the ring finger.

How much does a men's signet ring weigh?

Generally men's signet rings weigh between 20 and 50 grams, the weight can vary depending on the size of the finger and the type of metal. 

Which finger size should I choose for my men's signet ring?

It is important that you are comfortable when wearing your signet ring, it should not be too tight on your finger, nor should it be too big otherwise you risk losing it.

Which model of chivalry should I choose?

There are a multitude of men's signet ring models, there are models with a coat of arms, models with a lion's head, eagle's head signet rings, skull signet rings, square signet rings, rounded signet rings... You are the only person who can choose the model you want.

Is it possible to resize my signet ring?

It is not possible to size a signet ring, because the body is too thick to be able to size it. It is very important to check your finger size before ordering your signet ring.

What if my signet ring is too big?

If your signet ring is too big, we can add a metal cushion inside so that the signet ring is your size.

Is it possible to set diamonds on my signet ring?

We can set your signet ring with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or any other precious stone.

You just have to show us the model and we will make your custom signet ring.

Where should I buy my men's signet ring?

Questions / Answers

  1. Could you tell me more about signet rings for men? Signet rings for men are classic and symbolic jewelry, often associated with elegance and power. Historically, they were worn by nobles and were used to affix wax seals to important documents. Nowadays, a signet ring can be a sign of sophistication or a representation of an affiliation, such as a school or club. They are usually gold or silver and may feature engravings or emblems. Additionally, personalizing a signet ring with personal initials or symbols is a common practice, adding a personal touch to this elegant piece of jewelry.
  2. What sets a gold signet ring for men apart? A men's gold signet ring is distinguished by its durability, timeless appeal and ability to stand out. Gold is a highly sought-after precious metal in jewelery due to its corrosion resistance and luster. A gold signet ring can be an elegant accessory to any outfit, adding a touch of sophistication. These rings may feature engraved details, such as initials, family crests or other meaningful symbols. A gold signet ring is often seen as an heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation.
  3. How could one describe a signet ring for men in white gold? A white gold men's signet ring offers a modern and stylish alternative to traditional gold. White gold is an alloy of pure gold and other white metals such as palladium or silver, which gives it its characteristic color. This color provides a stark contrast to the darker engravings often found on signet rings, which highlights the detail of the ring. Additionally, white gold is durable and tarnish resistant, making it a popular choice for everyday jewelry. A white gold signet ring is a refined choice for those looking to mix tradition and modernity.
  4. What are the advantages of opting for a men's signet ring? Opting for a signet ring for men offers several advantages. First of all, a signet ring is a symbol of elegance and sophistication, it brings a touch of extravagance to any outfit. Second, signet rings are often customizable, meaning you can make them unique and personal, either by adding initials or including meaningful symbols or coats of arms. Finally, signet rings are durable, often made of precious metals like gold or silver, they can last for generations. Thus, they can also serve as heirloom pieces, passed down from generation to generation within a family.
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