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Princess Engagement Rings

How to Choose the Perfect Princess Diamond Ring


Often associated with elegance and commitment, the princess diamond ring is a refined choice. But how can you be sure you're making the right choice? In this article, I will guide you through the different steps: choosing the diamond, selecting the right metal, the most suitable setting and finally, we will discuss the available alternatives. A piece of jewelry is above all a matter of personal taste, so how do you find THE ring that suits you perfectly?

1 / Introduction

Choose the ring princess diamond perfect is not a task to be taken lightly. Refined and elegant, this type of jewelry appeals to the deepest feelings and requires special attention in its choice. Imagine a multi-carat diamond, resplendent with clarity, meticulously cut into the shape of a princess. A marvel of jewelry craftsmanship, this ring stands out from the ordinary with its princely appearance and its unrivaled brilliance.

To embark on the adventure, you must start by understanding the essential characteristics which make up the charm and value of such a piece. The most important thing is choosing the right carat, which determines the weight of the diamond. Examining clarity is equally essential to ensure perfect sparkle. Cut, on the other hand, should be at the heart of your concerns, as it plays a considerable role in the brilliance of the diamond.

But the choice of princess diamond ring does not stop there. The choice of crimped, which is the keying method, is of crucial importance. A claw setting, for example, will let more light through and highlight the diamond more. The alloy used for the ring must also be carefully selected. For its purity and resistance, platinum is very popular in jewelry. Finally, should we choose a solitaire or diamond wedding ring ? In the quest for your ideal ring, this question will undoubtedly also be decisive. In short, I will accompany you throughout this journey where we will discover together the wonders of jewelry and how to choose the perfect princess diamond ring.

2/ How to choose a princess diamond ring?

Favor an excellent princess diamond cut

The moment you hold a princess diamond ring in your hands, one thing will strike your eyes: brilliance. The complexity of the shape allows this diamond cut to reflect light in a quasi-reticular manner through its multiple facets. The choice of a quality cut is therefore the first crucial step towards acquiring your exceptional piece of jewelry. A less precise cut would compromise the brilliance of your diamond, which is far from the desired impact. The tiny amalgamation of prongs needed to hold the diamond in place should not interfere with this reflection of light.

Here is a list of essential criteria to take into account for a quality cut:

  • The symmetry of the faces
  • The exact angle of the edges
  • The size of the facets
  • The number of facets
  • The proportion between the size of the diamond and that of the ring

The color of the diamond, a factor not to be neglected

The choice of diamond color is also a key element not to be underestimated. Most diamonds have a slightly yellow tint, a sign of their natural formation. However, some diamonds are absolutely colorless, which is quite rare and makes them a true collector's item. Choosing a diamond with a slightly warmer tone can bring a unique appeal to the ring, particularly if it is yellow or rose gold.

Adapt the size of the diamond to your finger

Finally, for perfect harmony between the diamond ring and your hand, the size of the diamond should be suitable for the size of your finger. A large ring can look overwhelming if your finger is thin. Likewise, a small curl could go unnoticed on a large hand. The timeless princess diamond, with its square shape, is suitable for most finger shapes. So take the time to think about the balance between the size of the ring and that of your finger.

3/ How to choose a ring metal to accompany the princess diamond?

White gold: mix of exclusivity and brilliance

Have you ever thought about the importance of metal in choosing your princess diamond ring? L'white gold version is an ideal option for a piece of jewelry of such elegance. This alloy consisting mainly ofpure gold and other white metals such as palladium or silver, offers a incomparable shine, highlighting the brilliance of the princess diamond. Its neutral tone does not hinder the natural light of the diamond and allows an exceptional reflection of the precious crystal. Beyond its brilliant white glow, thewhite gold version is recognized for its robustness. Its resistance to wear and tear constitutes a significant selection criterion.

Yellow gold: an aura of warmth and tradition

If you're looking for a touch of warmth, have you considered the option ofyellow gold ? Although it is a more traditional choice, theyellow gold establishes a wonderful contrast with the princess diamond, giving it a warm aura. This warm golden glow will highlight the purity of the stone, revealing a unique visual balance. The alloy ofyellow gold, combined mainly of pure gold, silver and copper, is renowned for its durability and corrosion resistance. Alternatively, therose gold. which is a mix of gold and copper, could also be an option if you are looking for a more romantic and distinctive touch. So, pay attention to the importance of the metal, its color and composition as all these play a key role in making your perfect princess diamond ring.

4/ What style of setting should you choose for a princess diamond ring?

Solitary mount, the demand for simplicity

Let me tell you a secret: the perfect piece of jewelry is acquired through an informed choice of the setting that will encapsulate your precious stone. Among the options, the solitary mount is favored by those who like to highlight the diamond. It displays the stone ostentatiously, while the circle remains discreet, and thus, all attention is focused on your precious princess diamond.

The successful illusion with a halo frame

Let us now move on to the study of Spindrift, which noted in 2019 that princess diamond rings set in white gold settings were preferred by women under 30. Certainly, it is a perfect choice as it enhances the appeal of the diamond. But let us add that the halo mount also offers an advantageous alternative. It is specially designed to give the illusion of a larger diamond. It is made up of a circle of small stones which surrounds the central diamond, thus accentuating its brilliance and enlarging its appearance.

Touch of grace with a vintage frame

Finally, if your choice is elegance and refinement, the vintage frame would be the perfect setting for your princess diamond. This style, dating back to a time when artisans did everything by hand, brings a touch of uniqueness to your ring. The delicate patterns and intricate details of these timeless designs are a bold, yet deliciously romantic choice. So, if you want to be sure to have the most exquisite ring of all, don't hesitate, opt for a vintage setting.

5/ Alternatives to the princess diamond ring

Discover the elegance of the emerald cut

Have you ever wondered what alternative could provide such an elegant and attractive look as the princess diamond ring? I invite you to discover the diamond engagement ring emerald cut. Its sophisticated design provides exceptional shine and clarity that easily rivals the princess shape. Emerald allows you to highlight the refinement of the facets which are reflected magnificently in the light. If you are looking for a different and still chic cut, the emerald cut offers undeniable delicate style and sophistication to your ring.

Alternative forms you might like are:
  • Baguette: It gives a linear and geometric look to the ring.
  • Heart: It brings a touch of originality with its romantic design.
  • Marquise: It offers an elongated and slender look for a larger appearance of the diamond.
  • Oval: A perfect mix between round and marquise, offering a refined look.

The vintage charm of the cushion size

If you are in love with authentic vintage style, the cushion waist is an attractive alternative to consider. This diamond shape gives a soft, rounded appearance reminiscent of the design of antique jewelry. Its square shape with rounded corners offers an undeniable charm similar to that of a princess shape. Just like the princess diamond, the princess diamond cushion waist is also very bright and can be paired with authentic styles for a nostalgic aura. Another fascinating variation is the radiant cut which blends the facets of a princess cut and an emerald cut for unparalleled sparkle. When choosing rings, each shape brings its own signature.

If you are curious to know more about princess engagement rings, you can discover a wide selection on our dedicated page: Princess engagement ring.
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