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Price of the diamond half wedding ring

The half alliance.

Have you ever wondered how diamond jewelry has captured the hearts of so many throughout history? Or are you just looking for ideas to add a touch of sparkle to your everyday look?

Either way, you've come to the right place. We are going to explore what the half diamond wedding band is. She is a popular choice for engagements, weddings and even as a special gift.

Prepare to be dazzled by these beautiful gemstones and find out why they are considered a timeless symbol of love and romance.


Alliance or half alliance?


In jewelry, the diamond wedding ring is a classic piece that symbolizes commitment and loyalty. However, there is a subtle but significant variation on this timeless band: the diamond half wedding band. 

The difference between these two types of alliances lies in the number of precious stones adorning the ring. The diamond wedding band features diamonds all around its circular path, while the half wedding band has gemstones only on half of the path. 

This distinction has a big impact on their overall appearance and respective price. Diamond wedding rings offer a flamboyant and opulent effect. They have multiple sparkling stones. Half wedding rings are more discreet.

They have delicately placed diamonds on the top surface of the ring. They are elegant. 

Both options have their unique charm to meet the personal tastes and different budgets of future husbands or wives looking to celebrate their eternal love with this exceptional piece of jewelry.


The price of half wedding rings


As a professional in the world of jewelry, I can assure you that the price of a half diamond wedding band depends on several factors. 

First of all, the number of stones used has a significant impact on the final cost. Next, it is important to consider the weight and quality of the diamonds as well as their style to determine their market value. 

The type of metal chosen for the ring is also a key criterion to consider in evaluating the price. 

However, despite these different elements that influence the price of a diamond wedding ring, it remains essential to invest in this unique piece that symbolizes your eternal love over the years. 

Such a ring constitutes a true family heirloom and should therefore be chosen with care so that it can be passed on to future generations as a tangible and timeless testimony of your sacred union.



The 3-diamond half wedding band

We offer a wide selection of half diamond wedding rings set with 3 stones, which can be round or princess (square), for all tastes and styles. 

Our models are made with refined materials such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or even 18-carat palladium gold. 

We are aware that many couples are looking for a similar style for their wedding rings to affirm their union. 

We have several types of golden wedding rings in modern colors. They are adapted to the personal tastes of women. Rose gold wedding rings tend to be more romantic. The white gold bangles with three diamonds offer discretion and elegance for all skin tones. 

Our large range will allow you to have a personalized choice according to your needs and your unique style.


Half alliance 5 diamonds and rings

The range of wedding rings set with 5 diamonds have several interesting alternatives to suit all tastes. We offer a selection of rings with the choice of round cut stones, emeraldsprincesses ou oval.

The Adia half wedding ring is set between two nails. It has round stones. The half alliance Carla is crimped in rail. The other two models in the range are set between four claws.

The 7-diamond half wedding ring that covers the finger

For your big day, it is important to choose a ring that reflects the elegance of this unique occasion. Our suggestion: opt for a model adorned with 7 half-diamond wedding rings. 

Diamonds embellish your finger. They offer an incomparable shine to your hand. They add glamor to your bridal outfit. There are three colors of gold available: yellow, pink and white. Choose the one you like the most. Let yourself be seduced by the elegance and sophistication of this choice. 

The delicate encrustation of diamonds in the alliance will bring a luxurious note to your style while symbolizing the love and fidelity that you share with your spouse. 

Opt without hesitation for this timeless accessory that will make any day shine in the eyes of the whole world!

Some opt for a half-turn ring for their engagement. It is a bold decision, which deviates from the norms of marriage proposals. The model Adelia is one of our bestsellers in great demand by our customers.

The 9-diamond half wedding ring is already luxury


We select the most beautiful diamonds to create our luxurious half-wedding rings 9 diamonds. All of our diamond half wedding rings are handcrafted for optimum quality. Chosen for its clarity and quality, each diamond is expertly cut and polished to bring out its brilliance.

All 9 diamonds come together to create a stunning and totally unique effect. Our diamond wedding rings can be custom made. So you can get a half turn diamond wedding ring that meets your demand. It will be totally personal.

The most spectacular is the diamond alliance set with a bar between each diamond. Half wedding ring: - 9 claw-set round diamonds. - Two claws. Half-turn wedding band: - Channel-set diamond.

Diamond wedding rings to suit you

DC offers a wide selection of engagement jewelry, wedding bands and earrings. Our collection includes diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald models. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to chat online with our advisors. All our rings can be made to your liking, you can choose the metal and the stone that adorn your jewel yourself.

We then manufacture it especially for you in our workshop in Paris in the Marais district. Our workshop is located at 13 rue Portefoin, next to our premises. We assure you the best manufacturing times for your engagement ring.


Lifetime warranty

You have invested in a half diamond wedding ring which required a substantial budget. However, you do not know how to maintain it and repair it if necessary?

With us, fear not! Our after-sales service specializes in the maintenance and repair of high-value jewelry such as diamond wedding rings.

We take care of your precious jewel so that it retains its resplendent shine for years.

With our professional expertise, we are able to offer lifetime warranty for all our customers; thus, each time you need maintenance or any repair on your jewel,

this will be realized without additional costs! To benefit from our incomparable peace of mind and leave the worry of maintenance to our experienced experts, trust us.

Find out what we can do to add even more beauty to your diamond half wedding ring!


DC I love!

Paris is undoubtedly the capital of luxury and fashion. The most prestigious jewelers from all over the world have set up their workshops there, offering an immense variety of rare and precious jewellery. 

DCGemmes is an online Parisian jewelry store. She opened a showroom at 13 rue Portefoin in Paris (75003). His workshops are nearby. 

You are invited to come see us. Our shop is located in the heart of the Marais. Come and discover our finest collections of diamond wedding rings and jewelry.

We are proud to advise you. We will guide you in the perfect choice for your alliance or diamond solitaire ring. So you will find the best for your wedding. 

At DCGemmes, we only offer rings made by passionate artisans. We use the best materials available on the market. Thus, each customer can get a unique and beautiful product that will last a lifetime.



The website of DC, jewelry store in Paris

Our DC website offers you a unique experience with our specialization in diamond engagement rings in Paris. 

We offer a wide variety of designs, including round, princess, cushion and emerald diamonds. 

We are proud to offer our clients the privilege of freely choosing the color and clarity of the diamonds for their ideal engagement ring.

You will also have the choice between different types of rings such as yellow, pink or white gold as well as platinum to add your personal touch.

We like to believe that by delivering an exceptional product accompanied by personalized and professional customer service, we are helping couples wishing to celebrate their love in the exchange of a half wedding band or solitaire diamond ring. 

Moreover, thanks to the files available on our website, you can discover the fascinating and mysterious universe of the world of jewelry!

Live chat online, Parisian jeweler

If you are looking for quality diamond wedding rings or half diamond wedding rings, look no further. DCGemmes is here to meet your jewelry and diamond ring needs. 

Our DC advisers are at your disposal to guide and advise you as if you were in our Parisian showroom. You can ask them all your questions in complete confidentiality and they will be happy to answer them quickly thanks to the specialized chat. 

They can help you buy an engagement ring or a diamond wedding band. It will perfectly reflect your eternal love.

Make an appointment now. See you in our Parisian showroom. Meet our jewelry experts. Discover an exquisite selection of diamond wedding rings.

These alliances will delight the most demanding of us. Trust DCGemmes to find the rare pearl that will symbolize the love you have for your loved one!

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